hundred men and women of two families spending days uncertainty due to fear of attacks and lawsuits area


Shahjalal (Panchagarh Correspondent) : Press conference counter press conference lawsuit counter lawsuit Also the fight between the two sides in the land dispute has turned into a battlefield, throwing bricks and mortar at the house. In such behavior, the women and children of the family are spending their days in extreme uncertainty. Any major accident can happen at any moment. The family is almost tired of going round and round for compromise with public representatives and administration. Everyone is treating them like a monkey sharing bread. In the meantime, there was a fire incident in one party’s house and about six houses of the house were burnt. Another case was born with this. There are previous cases. The distance between both houses is only 20 to 25 feet. A few days after the January 20th press conference, on January 23rd, the other side strongly protested at the press conference, alleging false propaganda, conspiracy threats, assaults, and harassment in various false cases. On January 18, a fire broke out in a party’s house late at night. This incident of Panichapukuri area of Hafizabad Union of Panchagarh Sadar Upazila has created great interest of common people in the district. Apart from this, local dignitaries have expressed their anger as the administration and public representatives have not been able to reach a compromise to protect the two families for a long time. There is a fear of litigation among the common people of the area. Common people don’t want to mix with the two families out of fear. Ziaur Rahman said at a press conference on Monday, January 23 My family and my relatives owned 30.33 acres of land for 67 years since 1955. My family and relatives have been occupying those lands. Since the death of my elder brother Abdur Razzaq two years ago, his family members including Mozammel, Mosharraf, Latif, Saidar tried to grab our land. Several cases are ongoing in this regard. Later, the court ordered both parties to remain calm. After that, Sadar Upazila Hafizabad Union Chairman Shahadat Hossain and Zilla Parishad Chairman Anwar Sadat Sarat compromised on this dispute. But they didn’t agree. Later, the chairman of Zilla Parishad, Anwar Sadat Sarat, saw the documents of both and gave us a report of 5.05 acres of land. On 6th January (Friday) Mozammel, Mosharraf, Latif, Saidar and his family members entered our land and tried to take possession of the house. Later we call 999. There, in the presence of the police, they set fire to house building materials and attacked us and beat us up. Many of us were injured. The next day on 7th January they started raiding the land with indigenous weapons ram da, chainji axe, ballam, iron rod. Later, when the police came to the spot, they got stuck. Later, the police arrested some of them in our case. Later we cultivated our land again and planted corn on 17th January. That night Mozammel and their people set fire to their own houses and spread false propaganda in our name. Why should we go to set their house on fire? He complained and said that the police have taken their side in this incident. They are not helping us at all. It is not desirable at all. Resident Mahbub, father-Abdul Majeed said I ran out of the house after hearing the fire incident and called 999. Mozzamel’s family members were furious with me for calling the fire service. Sujan, father Mojuddin of Mahanpara area said I came to see the fire and saw that the family members were busy making videos except putting out the fire. I doubt it. Mamun’s father – Bisaru said I was going home from Panimach Bazar, when I saw the incident of fire, I heard Mustafar’s wife saying that today is an opportunity to discipline them. Tomorrow I will go to the land in the house of neighboring Tarikul, the important goods of their house have been kept. Their family members were recording videos on mobile phones without putting out the fire. Locals feel that if the incident is not uncovered through further investigation, someone will repeat such incidents in the area and endanger innocent people. They wanted the intervention of the administration. In this regard, Mizanur Rahman of the opposition party said, why should we go to burn our own house. It is never possible to burn one’s own house on someone’s behalf. We have filed a case in court regarding house burning. We demand a proper investigation and trial of this incident. We want a neutral solution. Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Panchagarh Sadar Police Station Abdul Latif Mia said, “We have never taken sides with anyone.” It is natural for victims to make such complaints. We are providing services as much as is required by law. There is no room for favoritism.


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