2 injured Srinagar attack previous enmity


Yousuf Adnan(Srinagar Correspondent): The attack took place in Munshiganj, Srinagar due to previous enmity. It was reported that 2 people were injured on both sides. According to the complaint of the plaintiff, it is known that Nizam Uddin Fakir (31), father- Siraj Fakir, Sang- Chhatrabhog, UP-Baghra, Thana- Srinagar,District- Munshiganj appeared at your police station and defendant- Swapan (38), Zahirul (26), both fathers – Deceased Mujibar Howlader, Rubel Majhi (35), Sohail (30), both fathers- Anich Majhi, Kala Chan Khan (42), Father- Jasu Khan, Abdul Haque (35), Father- Samu Madbar, all sons- Tin Halat , Rudrapara, UP-Baghra, Thana-Srinagar, District-Munshiganj along with unknown 5/6 defendants Defendants are known to me. We live in the same area. We had previous disputes with the defendants. In continuation of this, at approximately 10 clock in the morning of January 22, 5/6 unknown defendants including the said defendants entered my house illegally with wooden sticks, iron rods, iron pipes and chisels and started abusing me and my family members in obscene language. Then when I came out of the house and forbade the defendants from abusing them, the defendants got angry and beat me severely and left bruises and bruises on different parts of my body.Defendant No. 1 hit me on the head with the flag in his hand with the intention of killing me and caused serious bloody injuries. At that time, my cousin&#39 ,husband Jahangir (35), father – Aziz Hawladar, came forward and the said defendants also beat him and injured him in different parts of his body. Defendant No. 2 hit Jahangir (35) brother on the head with an iron rod in his hand with the intention of killing him. Defendant No. 3 – Rubel Majhi (35) Jahangir (35) brother neck of gold chain weighing 06 anis, valued at Rs.30,000/=. When people from the area including my relative Sajan rushed to our call, the defendants threatened to kill me and my family members and left. Later, with the help of the people present, my family members took me along with Jahangir (35) brother to the Srinagar Upazila Health Complex for urgent treatment.In this regard, S Aye Chamiul said that he has received complaints from both sides,action will be taken according to the law.


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