Aditmary Upazila Velabari Union of changing in the face of development

Sujon Lalmonirhat Corrospondent : Various activities of the Velabari Union Parishad of Adityamari Upazila are changing with the touch of development. At the same time, the quality of life of the people of that union has changed. Under the Union Council’s infrastructure development project, the current chairman Mohammad Ali has been transformed into the light of the implementation of the promise made to the people during the elections.
Velabari Union’s wards have completed development work by HBB (brick) about 5 km of the villagers of the village. UP Chairman Mohammad Ali has created the inauguration of the communication system of the area after completing the construction of the ward. Landless accommodation and work activities have been created by them. He is making a goal so that no landless person is broken in his union.
He himself fell to the present for all the ongoing developmental work of the union. He is moving his union relentlessly among the public as the chairman of the Velabari union and the president of Adityamari Upazila Awami League.
In addition, the people of other wards of the union will suffer various development programs and people’s road reforms and repair, the council sources said. Already, various rural roads have endured the people of the area by ending by development by development by RCC.
Velabari UP chairman and Adityamari Upazila Awami League president Mohammad Ali said various plans have been taken to decorate the union through development and some work has been implemented. Meanwhile, the project that is underway is underway, this union will be a model union of the district.
In this regard, Velabari Union Parishad Chairman Mohammad Ali said, “I have been elected as the chairman three times.” I have been working relentlessly for the people as the chairman of this union council in 5 years. And in my union I do not think I think I have left any work anywhere. So as long as I am the chairman of this union council, I will make this union as a role model.


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