Sirajganj in Hussain Ali’s family move on ducks

Maruf Sarkar, Sirajganj Correspondent : The ducks are floating in the canal with fluttering wings. It’s like a free-spirited exhilaration. In the meantime Hossain Ali (63) appeared with food. Seeing him, the ducks came running. Hussain Ali fed the hungry ducks with a smiling face. This is his daily work. He is a resident of Bhadar village of Tarash upazila of Sirajganj.
Hossain Ali said, he reared ducks for almost a century. He takes care of them himself. He has six hundred ducks of different breeds. About 200 of them are currently laying eggs. Ducks are fed twice a day.
He chose rice as food. Because by eating rice, ducks lay more eggs and the weight of ducks is better. Also the ducks are regularly released into the canals. He said that initially he started rearing one or two ducks as a hobby, but now the family runs on ducks.
Local grocer Keramat Ali said that Hossain Ali raised a lot of income in the family by rearing ducks. Domestic duck eggs and meat are in high demand in the city. So many people buy his duck and eggs when they come home.
District Livestock Officer Dr. Gaurang Kumar Talukder said, duck rearing does not require much effort. If left outside, they can gather their own food. Paddy and rice husks can be given to meet additional food requirements. Ducks usually start laying eggs at the age of five months. Ducks can be reared with little investment.


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