Cancer-stricken teacher Nahida Sultana wants to live


Kanjan Kanti Chakroborty, Jhalkathi Correspondent : Nahida Sultana. Age 45 years. She and her husband are teachers. They have a three-year-old daughter at home. The dream of a cancer mother is to raise her daughter with love and care. But this teacher’s dream has turned into a nightmare due to cancer. She is moaning in pain, she wants to live for her only daughter and she wants everyone’s help. Nahida Sultana is the daughter of deceased Taiyab Ali Khan of Dudhal Union No. 3 of Bakherganj Upazila. He is currently working as Assistant Lecturer in Technical and BM College, Rajapur Upazila Sadar, Jhalkathi District. He posted a post on his Facebook wall asking for everyone’s help. His emotional post is highlighted, Assalamu Alaikum, dear brothers and sisters with your little help can live a life, a fresh drop of rose, I want to live. I have been fighting for more than a year with a deadly disease cancer. I am a 45 year old mother of a three year old daughter. Realizing the eternal truth that “to be born is to die” today I want to live for my child. I and my family are almost financially destitute due to various expensive diagnosis and treatment (chemotherapy) at home and abroad. My husband and I are both private college teachers. In the first phase, I became helpless after taking various tests, surgeries and advanced treatment (chemotherapy-8). In the second round, the same treatment has been started again, which costs about 1 lakh to 1 lakh 20/25 thousand for each chemotherapy including tests, medicine. It is necessary to give at least 5/6 chemotherapy. It is very impossible to carry out such expensive treatment again in the second phase without someone’s help because of the huge amount of money owed in the first phase. So today I am seeking prayers and medical help from relatives, friends, teachers, students, well-wishers and wealthy people in order to survive for my only child. i want to live I want to live like a fresh drop of rose for my little child. A life that can be lived only with the grace of God and the help of all of you. A small child who can grow up with the love of a mother, whose sight breaks my heart, always brings tears to my eyes. I want to live for her today. If possible, help bikash no-01731496341, bank account no 20503930200015716. Islami Bank, Bangladesh Ltd. Rajapur Branch, Rajapur, Jhalkathi.


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