A housewife named Sukhi Begum has been accused of physical and mental torture for not paying dowry in Dharmapasha

Mubarak Hossain Dharmapasha Sunamganj Correspondent: Mehedi Hasan Shubo (23), son of Mohammad Deen Islam, assistant teacher of Gachtala High School, Paikurati Union, Dharmapasha Upazila, Sunamganj, has been accused of physically and mentally torturing his wife Sukhi Begum for not bringing Tk 4 lakh as dowry. The home of victimized housewife Sukhi Begum is her father, Abdul Kalam Azad, in Baulam village of Paikurati union of Dharmapasha upazila.
Talking to the victimized Sukhi Begum and local people, it is known that on 14-08-2022, the victimized housewife Sukhi Begum and Mehedi Hasan Shubo got married in Kabin Mool in a family way. A few days before the marriage, 1 lakh rupees and on the day of marriage, various goods worth 1 lakh 50 thousand rupees have been given as dowry. After a couple of months, Sukhi Begum’s husband Mehedi Hasan Shubo asked his wife Sukhi Begum to bring another 4 lakh rupees to buy a motorcycle from her father’s house on the persuasion of her parents and others. Sukhi Begum was subjected to physical and mental torture at various times. Having failed in various ways to solve this issue socially, on 20-11-2022, the victimized housewife Sukhi Begum went to the local Dharmapasha Police Station to file a case. I filed a case in Sunamganj women and child torture court accusing my husband Mehdi Hasan Shubo, his father Deen Islam and mother Nargis Begum in the honorable court. Sukhi Begum, the victimized housewife, said, currently I am staying at my father’s house. They are threatening me.
School teacher Deen Islam, the father of the accused Mehedi Hasan Shubo, said that the issue of dowry is false and without money, but I am trying to convince my son that he wants to start a family with Sukhi Begum.
Officer-in-charge of Dharmapasha police station OC Mizanur Rahman said, Sukhi Begum came to me and I tried to solve it socially.


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