Thousands of colors in 3 regions of France

Sonia Khandaker (Italy ) : Aubrac, Lozerè, Margeride, three regions of southern France, three scenarios, three discoveries . with thousand facets.6 hours drive from Paris and 3 from Lyon, in the heart of Lozerè, the magic of the Chateau d ‘Orfeillettes is felt whileyou enter: a place of beauty, well-being, a unique atmosphere that transports you to the magic of the night, with an opening into the world of dreams.
This historic castle from 1900 is located in the heart of the Gevaudan region. The Brunel family is the proud owner of this chateau with two other hotels under their belts and each member of the family has contributed with their personal touch to the creation of these wonderful properties.
Christophe Brunel, figliodÕarte, is committed to sustainable development values and
Organic foods.A vacation in this location offers guests yoga sessions under the open sky, in the midst of unspoiled nature and watercolor lessons to capture the nuances of the landscapes.
The future project foresees a totally vegetarian menu keeping in mind the well-being of guests and the planet. “Be prepared to challenge the conventional wisdom” perfectly characterize Brunel Philosophy.
The restaurant “Le Rocher Blanc” is another gem of the Brunel family that offers a tantalizing fusion of traditional food with a twist of modernity. Awesome atmosphere and meticulously selected wines are appriciable.
A stop at “Buron De Cap Combatutte” for an aperitif is a must, as the beauty of the landscape, the lakes and the animals grazing around gives a feeling of vastness and great serenity.
Not to be missed in Nasbinals, the restaurant “Le Buron De Born” for a traditional lunch, a steak-house with their delicacy “Aligot”, and the specialty of the zone.
A stop at the Thermal SPA Chaldette in Brion, where you can enjoy authentic spa treatments in the midst of nature, with the rustle of the surrounding river and beautiful horses gazing around.
Continuing the exploration, we arrive at the Garabitviaduct, a railway arch bridge that crosses the Truyère, in the mountainous region of the Massif Central, built by Gustave Eiffel in 1882.
For hiking and trekking lovers, “Gorges de Bes” is a paradise! A rugged circuit followed by a narrow path that runs along the Bès Gorges offers mind-blowing scenic views. On the opposite bank; the ruins of the castle of Arzencd’Apcherstands proudly in its grandeur. A picnic at 1800 meters is simply memorable with the winds sweeping away!
We can say that a trip to the south of France, exploring various districts, been an interesting and intriguing experience.


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