Alleged dismelting of 33KB line of Ozopodico in Patuakhali without permission


Kazi Mamun, Coastal Correspondent: Distribution Division Ojopadico Limited very old 33/11 KV line at Patuakhali which was the first source line from the grid in the first 33/11 KV line of Patuakhali. At present there is 33KB line till Patuakhali Court. According to detailed sources, the rest of the 33kV line, about one and a half kilometers, has been dismelted by some unscrupulous officials of Ojopadico without the permission of any higher authorities. If you want to find out about the whole matter, it can be seen that the 33kV pole or Merlin is missing in the municipality, all of it has been removed by Ojopadiko. On the other hand, in order to widen the four-lane road from Patuakhali intersection, by dismelting the said line, Patuakhali Ozopadico shifted the store goods to another place without depositing them. There is no complaint. An official of Ozopadico Limited Patuakhali, who did not wish to disclose his name, did this by taking a large amount of money from the contractor. According to the rules, the work of removing the pool should be done as a financial work, but instead of doing that, they are adopting illegal methods which are completely illegal. In this regard, Mr. Main Uddin, Acting Executive Committee of Sales and Distribution Vibag Ozopadico Limited, Patuakhali, asked to be contacted. He also said that at that time Abdul Karim was the Deputy Assistant Engineer and based on the paper signed by him, I and the Executive Engineer at that time were responsible for the sale and distribution of all connections and equipment. Salek Khan has approved, he told the reporter that if there is any kind of irregularity, Deputy Assistant Abdul Karim will be able to take care of it. The remaining part will be in the next issue with more details.


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