Putin wants to supply gas to Europe through another pipeline


International desk: Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that Russia is ready to supply gas to Europe through the operational section of the Nord Stream-2 pipeline. The Russian President made such a proposal at the Russian Energy Week International Conference. Russia is building the Nord Stream-2 pipeline next to the Nord Stream-1 pipeline at the cost of billions of dollars. Russian gas used to go to Europe through Germany through the Nord Stream-1 pipeline. The Nord Stream-2 line was built next door to further increase supply. But after Russia attacked Ukraine, Germany announced it would not launch its operation. After the war, Russia completely stopped the gas supply through the Nord Stream-1 line. Europe after the energy crisis. Now Putin said, they can get gas through Nord Stream-2 line to solve the crisis. Putin said that it is still possible to send gas through the active part of the Nord Stream-2 pipeline. It is now up to the European Union whether Europe will take gas through this line. In this regard, Putin said, Russia is ready to start such supplies. The ball is now in the EU’s court. All they have to do is turn on the tap if they want to. Russia has nothing to do with the skyrocketing fuel prices in Europe today, Putin said. He blamed the West for the rise in fuel prices. The Russian president also said that the poorest countries in the world will pay the highest price due to the increase in energy prices.

                                                                                                          Source: The Guardian


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