Patuakhali Zilla Parishad Election in Independent Chairman Candidate Add. Hafiz’s election manifesto announcement

Patuakhali Correspondent : Advocate Md. Hafizur Rahman, an independent candidate for the post of chairman in the Patuakhali Zilla Parishad election to be held on October 17, has announced his election manifesto. Advocate Md. Hafizur Rahman, an independent candidate for the chairmanship of the Patuakhali Zilla Parishad election, announced his election manifesto at 11 o’clock on Monday, October 3, at Nija residence adjacent to Ansar camp. Advocate Md. Hafizur Rahman, an independent candidate contesting for the post of chairman, said in his election manifesto that Patuakhali Zilla Parishad will be a meeting place for elected public representatives, take up development projects under integrated planning based on the evaluation of the upazilas of the district in a united and equal manner, and properly implement the government policies by giving priority to the public welfare markets and markets. , to identify and solve the problems of the district by holding an exchange meeting with all the public representatives of the district every year, to prioritize education, culture, social welfare and public health in development projects, to construct modern passenger shelters and public toilets on roads, to take union-based activities for the infrastructural improvement of religious institutions and Implementation, taking necessary steps to protect the district’s history, traditions and anthropological monuments, giving scholarships to poor talented students at the marginal level based on the recommendations of public representatives, coordinating with all departments at the administrative level to speed up the functions of the Zilla Parishad in a timely manner. At that time, independent candidate Hafizur Rahman said to the journalists present, “If I am elected as the chairman in the Zilla Parishad elections, I am committed to continue the development of the government and the welfare of the people.” He requested everyone’s full cooperation in the upcoming October 17 Zilla Parishad election fair and impartial election ceremony.


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