Capital 1000 now monthly income is 1.5 lakh Dry chili business is changing fortune


Bogra Correspondent : Abdur Rashid Chan (70) is a resident of Kazipara village of Madla Union of Shahjahanpur Upazila of Bogra District. His daily life is like a scavenger hunt, completely helpless, ten percent land inherited from his father is his only support. We have to constantly struggle with the responsibility of running a life called family. His dream of becoming a big businessman plays in his mind in the swing of scarcity. His big obstacle in the dream of becoming a businessman is capital. He saved only one thousand rupees with great difficulty. With that money, he went down in the battle of changing fortunes. The path of his life war begins. Such was the life of Abdur Rashid Chan, a dry chilli trader, 40 years ago. His days have been changed by buying and selling with integrity. He started his business with a thousand taka, now his monthly income is one and a half lakh taka. Now Chan, a dry pepper trader, has built a one-storey house in Bogra Sadar besides his village house and is living there with his family. At the beginning of the business, Chan used to sell red or dry chilies by traveling around the local market with a load on his shoulder. At that time his monthly income was 1500-2000 taka. But his income gradually increased. At the same time, Chan began to increase the scope of the business. He used to buy dried chillies from the market of the village and sell them regularly at Arat Rajabazar in Bogra city. Meanwhile, in 1986, the image of his business changed. He rented a pepper shop in Rajabazar of Bogra city. After that traders from outside the district started buying dry chillies from him. He is currently supplying pepper to Naogaon, Pabna, Sirajganj, Dinajpur and Jaipurhat in North Bengal and Comilla in the south. Now he sells 10,000 kg of dry chillies a month. He likes to buy pepper from Bogra along with Gaibandha, Panchagarh and Thakurgaon. He collected dry chillies from farmers and traders. Now his son Mottakin Sagar looks after his pepper business. Changes in Chan’s Economic Status When Chan started buying and selling dried chillies, he had ten hundred acres of land inherited from his ancestral village. At that time, he used to sell pepper by going around the bazaar, but now he is financially stable. Until 1986, his maximum monthly income was 3 thousand taka. Since he started business in Rajabazar of Bogra city, his business has been increasing. He now sells 10,000 kg of red pepper a month. Apart from all the expenses, now his income is one and a half lakh taka per month. The village now does not have that ten-century land of Chan! The amount of land has increased to 5 perches. The old house of the village has also been renovated. Fifteen years ago, he built a single-storey brick house in Maltinagar area of ​​Bogra city. He is living with his family in that house. Chan’s son Mottakin Sagar said that his father suffered a lot in the beginning of his life. Still did not give up. Struggled to sustain his business and run his family. Now their family is prosperous. Abdur Rashid Chan said, since the beginning of buying and selling of dry chillies, we have had to face a lot of difficulties. I went around various markets with a load on my shoulder. At that time, I used to save little by little from the income. I was able to gradually grow the business. I am fine with my family now. I can’t ask for anything more than doing my own responsibility with the whole family. I thank God Almighty everyday.


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