An attempt was made to fill up old crematorium in Juri and build a shophouse


Mashahid Ahmad, Moulvibazar: Islam Uddin (Ustar) of Oli Ghat Goalbari area and Nazrul Islam, Badrul Islam, Ravi Mia, Abdul Chamed and Ravi Mia of West Shilua village have been accused of filling an old crematorium in Shilua Bazar (West Shilua) area of ​​Juri Upazila. Against the Taj Uddin Gangs. Victim Dibendu Deb Tolu said – Islam Uddin Ganga is filling our old crematorium with soil. Threatened for protesting providing The matter has been informed to Abdul Qayyum, Chairman of Local No. 8 Goalbari Union. He advised me to take legal recourse. But I don’t have that courage because of fear. He also said that a case was filed against them a few days ago under Section 107 of the Penal Code. They took revenge and took away my two Akash Moni trees and my mobile phone (SAMSUNG GALAXY J2) containing photos. As a result, I filed a C,R in the Senior Judicial Magistrate Court. Filed a case No: 127/22, which is currently under investigation by the Police Bureau of Investigation, PBI Moulvibazar. He also said – I don’t know whether I will get justice in the investigation as a member of the minority community. I am seeking the cooperation of the administration and various organizations of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.


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