Tandab of Lathial forces in Chargarvadi Char area 5 acres of land is planted by Aman’s field

Patuakhali Correspondent: In Dumki of Patuakhali, the terrorists of the illegal occupier’s lathial force have carried out a hellish rampage to occupy 17 acres of Khas land in the name of 16 landless card holders. At least 5 acres of the settlement’s Ropa Aman field has been destroyed by the Lathial gang terrorists. Last Saturday (September 17) at around 8:30 in the morning, the members of the Lathial forces of the illegal encroaching circle of Sanyasikanda area uprooted the saplings of at least 5 acres of saplings of the landless Pabirar of government settled landless pabirar on the other side of the Lohalia river of the upazila. A group of 30/35 armed men led by Hasem Kha, Jalil Mridha, Anwar Sikder, Amir Hawladar, Sajal Pine, Haridas Somaddar, the illegal occupants of Sanyasikanda village of Pasar^varti Baufal upazila, alleged that 16 landless farmer families including the settled Khalil Neghaban, Motahar Sikdar, Razzak Mir of victimized Chargarbadi village. Terrorists of the Lathial Bahini raided the cultivated aman fields of the settled landless families and uprooted at least 5 acres of aman saplings. On behalf of the affected landless people of Chargarbadi village in this incident. Khalilur Rahman Negaban filed a written statement at Dumki police station against the 23-named defendant on that day and night as the plaintiff. According to the complaint, in the past year 2004/5, the government gave permanent settlement to 16 landless poor farmers including Khalilur Rahman Negaban of 17.10 acres of land under Khas Khatian no. As the land is located on the opposite bank of the Lohalia River, the said illegal encroachers on the other side were obstructing from the beginning. After several raids, lawsuits and settlement of inter-upazila boundary disputes in 2012, possession of landless cardholders was explained. Since then those 16 landless poor farmer families were cultivating their 17.10 acres of land. Last Saturday (September 17) in the morning of East Shakrutar, the Lathial army of the illegal encroachers attacked the pasture with domestic sharp weapons and destroyed at least 5 acres of the landless farmers by uprooting the seeds of Aman. The landless families affected by the terror rampage of the illegal occupier Lathial forces are now helpless. They are worried about attacks, harassment in false cases and eviction from their settled lands. Besides, the families are living in extreme insecurity due to continuous attacks, lawsuits, threats of murder and injury by the illegal encroaching Lathial terrorists under the umbrella of an influential leader of Baufal. Therefore, they have demanded the protection of the law, demanding that the possession of the land be maintained and the accused be punished. Haridas Samaddar, a resident of Sanyasikanda village, and Sajal Pain, a school teacher, denied the allegations and said that they had not gone to the settlement land. That pasture has leased their (Sajal Pines) record property to watermelon growers – which is still uncultivated, lying vacant. Tenara are not aware of the uprooting of Aman Chara planted on settlement land in the name of the landless. They can’t even tell if someone else is uprooted. SI Shawkat Hossain, investigating officer of the complaint, said that the initial truth of the complaint was found after visiting the spot. However, he expressed his reluctance to reveal the name of the person involved in the incident of uprooting the seeds of the field plant. Officer-in-charge (OC) of Dumki police station Abdus Salam confirmed the truth of the complaint and said it is legal subject to investigation.


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