Gold trader disappeared with crores worth of gold ornaments by fraud

Staff Reporter: Half a hundred of Barakandi Union of Jazira Upazila of Shariatpur are in trouble with money at low interest by keeping gold as mortgage. Mithun Mondal, the alleged gold merchant of Nayabazar, fled with about 150 baras of gold and cash as mortgage taken from the customer. The victims realized the fraud after seeing the lock hanging in Mithun’s gold shop for some time. The victims complained to the Jazeera police station that the businessman could not be found after much searching. According to the local people, Mithun targeted the simple women of the village and looted 1.5 million taka by promising to give them low interest loans by pledging gold. According to the police and the victims, Mithun Mondal, the son of Ranjit Mondal of Sirajdikhan police station of Munshiganj, was running a jewelery business in Jazeera’s Nayabazar for about 8 years. In order to gain people’s trust, Mithun gave money to distressed people at various times by mortgaging gold jewelery at an interest rate of only one and a half to two percent. Earn the trust of people by repaying the money with interest on time. That is why he started doing more and more transactions targeting the simple people of the village. Over the past two years, more than half a hundred women and men of Barakandi Union pledged money to Mithun at various times after having pledged about one and a half hundred bharis of gold. Last 2 months ago Mithun’s gold shop in Hatat Nayabazar was found locked, the locals suspected. Later, when the shop did not open, the victims came to find out about the fraud. After informing the president of the market committee, the victims searched Mithun’s village house as per their suggestion but could not find him. Ranu Begum, the victim, wrote a complaint to the Jazira police station on Monday, September 19, on the advice of the market committee. On that day, the police went to the spot and started investigating the matter. On Monday afternoon, it was seen that 20 to 25 men and women were rioting in front of Mithu Jewellers, a locked gold shop in Nayabazar. Many are crying and crying. Sensing the presence of the reporter, the victims came forward. The victims told the reporter about the fraud that happened to them. Meanwhile, 45-year-old Ranu Begum of Bhanumunsi Kandi village of Barakandi Union was crying and wailing on the stairs of Mithun’s shop along with her sister. Go ahead and talk to Ranu Begum. He said, 8 months ago when he sent his son to Saudi Arabia, Mithun did not have 5 lakh 80 thousand rupees after pledging 12 pieces of gold jewelry. 2 months ago I took a loan from my sister and paid 3 lakh 85 thousand to Mithun. I was supposed to take back my gold with the remaining money the next day. As promised, I brought the rest of the money and saw that the shop was closed. Even when I called the mobile phone, it was switched off. After a long time passed, I understood the matter of fraud because the shop was not opened. I am under pressure from my husband by mortgaging the gold and I am in danger of getting money from him by saying to give some jewelery to my sister. Now I am almost without home due to family pressure. Every day I sit in front of Mithun’s shop if he comes. I filed a complaint with the police on the advice of the market committee. The police have come and investigated. Md. Ajit, a van driver of Noyabazar area, said that I took 40,000 taha from Raikha Mithun to send my son abroad. Wife’s jewelery sent abroad to Raikha Polar. Pola can’t earn properly. I drive a van and eat. I can’t make this jewelry for my wife even if I earn all my life. I want her justice. Ramen Poddar, the owner of Bata Jewellers, a trader in the market, said, “People are in danger and often take money from us by pledging gold.” Keeping the gold from the moneylender, we bring money with a small interest and give money to the customer at an interest rate of 3 to 30 percent. As Mithun gave money at 1.5 to 2 percent interest, many people borrowed money from him by mortgaging gold in the hope of more profit. He is now on the run. There is nothing we can do about this. Victims can complain to Amadeo Jewelery Association. Dalil Uddin, President of Nayabajar Traders Association said, Mithun has been doing business in this market for 8 years. Earlier, people trusted him and pledged gold as he gained the trust of everyone by doing good transactions. Recently he absconded with gold worth more than one crore rupees, which was pawned by a customer. When the victims informed me about the matter, I sent people on behalf of the committee to Mithun’s house in Munshiganj. But he was not found there. Victims are advised to take legal action. Mustafizur Rahman, officer-in-charge of Jazira police station, said that a woman victim of fraud by a Nayabazar gold dealer has complained to the police station. After receiving the complaint, the police officer was sent to the spot to investigate the incident immediately. The matter is being seriously investigated. After the investigation, legal action will be taken against the culprits.


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