Sugarcane molasses was made with sugar syrup and dye!

Moynul Bhuiyan, Brahmanbaria correspondent:  Sugarcane molasses was made by mixing sweet pulp, sugar syrup (juice), dyes for cloth. National Directorate of Consumer Rights Protection raided such an institution in Brahmanbaria on Wednesday afternoon. A fine of Tk 20,000 was imposed on the institution which did not have necessary documents including health certificate. It has been found that the directorate of Consumer Rights Protection, Brahmanbaria Assistant Director Md. Mehedi Hasan raided the business establishment named ‘Ashok Traders’ in Kalaishreepara of the town area. A person named Pritam Saha used to run this business from his home. The raiders saw reports of sugarcane molasses production, but nothing of the kind was found. Sugar syrup, sugar syrup, dyes etc. are kept in the toilet for making molasses. In this situation, Pritam Saha, the owner of the company, was fined. Also warned. The officer in the campaign said. Mehedi Hasan said that Pritam Saha was preparing and marketing adulterated sugarcane jaggery at his home. Even though the name is sugarcane molasses, there is no sugarcane in that molasses. The sugar syrup, sugar syrup and dye kept for making molasses have been seized and destroyed.


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