Demonstration by Yuva Trinamool Party in Magrahat West against central government’s use of CBI and EDK against Trinamool Party


Manowar Imam :  A protest was held in Ektara area of ​​Magrahat West of South Twenty Four Parganas district on the call of Block Trinamool Party of Magrahat West against the central government’s ED and CBI misappropriation hate plot. During these protests, Mamata Banerjee is trying to topple the leadership government by plotting against the leaders and workers of Trinamool Party of India by misusing the Central Government’s Black Law and the Central Government’s Intelligence Agency. And against the plot to weaken the Trinamool Party, all the people have been called to unite and protest against the Magrahat West Block Trinamool Party Youth President Imran Hasan Mollah and the militant leader of the Trinamool Party in the South Twenty Four Parganas district and the member of the District Council of the South Twenty Four Parganas district Mrs. Sangeeta Halder. And Mr. Manvendra Nath Mondal, the leader of Magrahat West Block Trinamool Dal and the Vice President of Magrahat West Block No. 1, Block Development Board has called for street protests against the heinous plot of ED and CBI. Mostafizur Rahman Lashkar, one of the leaders of Magrahat West Trinamool Party, along with other Trinamool party leaders were present in this meeting.


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