Suicide of three Aktars in Laksam; There is panic in public mind

Comilla South District Correspondent : 3 suicides occurred separately on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday across Laksam Upazila of Comilla. Reasons for suicide are family conflict, financial problems, failure in love, dowry customs and failure in exams, being in debt, young men and women of different ages are choosing to commit suicide. But in most cases housewives are opting for suicide. These suicides are happening by hanging, poisoning. Vaishakhi Akhtar Chaiti (14), daughter of rickshaw driver Manik Mia, resident of Wapda office, Laxam on Monday (July 25), Ward No. 4 of Laxam municipality (U) Laxam, was insulted by her brother for not buying threepich on Monday evening and tied her neck with the ceiling fan of her house. Twisted and committed suicide. The police recovered the body at night after receiving information. On the other hand, the police recovered the body of expatriate wife Nazma Akhter Priyanka from the 4th floor of a house named Rahman Villa, opposite to the city’s government hospital. On that day, her husband was coming home from abroad, the expatriate’s wife did not go to the airport and her 10-year-old daughter Mohana Akhtar hired a microbus and sent the girl and her in-laws to Shahjalal Airport. At that time, Priyanka was alone in her house. In the afternoon, the working woman came to the front of the house and kept calling after seeing the door closed. He called the owner of the house without getting any response. The owner of the house destroys the relatives of the housewife. Opened the window in the evening and saw Priyanka hanging on the white ray of nylon with the fan. After receiving the information, the police recovered the body. Meanwhile, in the same upazila on Wednesday (July 27) morning, Laksam Thana police recovered the hanging body of a girl named Sharmin Akhter (14) from Mesturi house in Singjor Purpurpara of Kandirpar union of upazila. Sharmin is the daughter of Shah Alam of Tulagaon village in Makrabpur union of neighboring Nangalkot upazila. She is staying at sister-in-law Shahadat’s house since 5/6 days. It is said that he was a student of class VIII. Sharmin’s sister and brother-in-law were at the new house on Tuesday (July 26) night. Sharmin sleeps in the old house with her sister’s son. Laksam police station was informed after seeing his hanging body in the morning. There is panic among the people in the area with these three suicides within a short period of time. Officer-in-charge (OC) of Laksam police station Mejbah Uddin Bhuiyan confirmed the truth of the incident on Tuesday and said that the bodies were recovered from three separate places and sent to the morgue for post-mortem. All cases of non-death have been reported but the actual cause of death will be known in the report.


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