According to journalists in Jajira, five marijuana trees were recovered at Padma Bridge South Police Station

Md. Faruk Ahmed Mollah: Aaron Madbar, son of Harun Madbar, is cultivating the cannabis in Kandi village of Pilan Molla, east of Jazira in Shariatpur. According to reporters, police recovered the marijuana tree from there. On Sunday (31-July), it was found that there were about 5 trees in the house of Suraj Madbar, surrounded by a tin located on Padmanadi village in Pilan Molla’s Kandi village. There is no road to enter the house at first, but then a narrow road to enter the house is found in the house. After entering the house, it is seen that there are rows of marijuana plants. In addition to the cultivation of the courtyard of the house, several trees are found in another secret place pushed by the curtains. As soon as he entered the house, the homeowner Suraj Madbar fled the house and moved elsewhere. Despite many searching, the owner of the house and the farmer of the marijuana tree, Suraj Madbar, was no longer found. Locals said that Suraj Madbar (40) and his wife Sumi Begum (35) were going to Gaza cultivation here for a long time along with the sale of Gaza and Gaza. Former member of the local member, Parul Begum, 42, said that Suraj Madbar was not just the cultivation of marijuana trees in his house. This family is involved with many other misdeeds. We can’t say anything in fear of them. They don’t even allow anyone to come around the house. Later, on the basis of reporters, the NSI came and confirmed the cultivation of Gaza and informed the South police station that they came and recovered the trees from the house. Local Union Parishad member Mojibur Rahman Madbar said, “We are very shocked at this incident. We could not imagine that the Gaza trees were being cultivated here in this way. Officer -in -Charge of Padma Bridge South Police Station Mostafizur Rahman said, “We received the news and recovered the Gaza trees and brought it to the police station.” However, the farmers of the Gaza tree were absconding because no one could be arrested. Necessary legal action will be taken under investigation by the case.


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