A. League leader arrested in Dumki goat theft case! Retrieve meat from fridge


Staff Reporter: In connection with the theft of goat in Dumki of Patuakhali, the cultural secretary of Upazila Awami League Md. Rezaul Haque Rajon was arrested by the police and 5 kg of stolen goat meat was recovered from the refrigerator of his house. Such an incident took place in Ward No. 2 of Angaria Union of Upazila on Wednesday evening. A case has been registered at Dumki police station regarding goat theft. According to the police station and the statement of the case, Md. Rezaul Haque Rajan, a resident of the same area, had a previous dispute with Md. Abu Ghazi, a resident of Ward No. 2 of Angaria Union of the upazila. On Wednesday afternoon, Rezaul Haque Rajon stole a Khasi goat worth Tk 12,000 belonging to Abu Gazi and slaughtered it and kept the meat in the fridge. Later, when the incident came to light in the area, when Abu Gazi asked Rezaul Haque Rajan about the goat, Rajan abused him in profanity. He threatened to kill and injure. Desperate, Abu Gazi filed a case against Rezaul Haque Rajan at Dumki police station. Later late at night, the police arrested Rezaul Haque Rajan and searched his house and recovered 5 kg of goat meat from the fridge. District Awami League president Kazi Alamgir said that if the incident is true then organizational measures will be taken against him. Dumki police station officer in charge Md. Abdus Salam said, a case has been registered in the police station regarding goat theft and we have been able to arrest the accused and 5 kg of stolen goat meat has been recovered from the fridge of his house.


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