Teacher does not come because there is no MPO in Dumki, teaching is disrupted!

Patuakhali Correspondent : In Dumki of Patuakhali After being appointed through the 3rd public notification of NTRC, two teachers joined the class but now they do not come to the class anymore. As a result, teaching of students in schools is being disrupted. It is known that 2 teachers in electrical trade of vocational branch of AK Bahumukhi Model Secondary School of Upazila Sadar are not coming to class due to lack of salary allowance (MPO). The parents are depressed thinking about the uncertain future of the child. On Monday 26th July at 11:00 am, several students came to the ground and claimed that our new teachers did not come even though they had classes for a few days. Our electrical classes are not regular. What do we write in the exam book? Also, in front of the journalists, the headmaster called the newly joined teachers and urged them to come to the school regularly. When asked why absent, Md. Mahbub Hossain, an absentee teacher who joined electrical trade, said, “There is a problem with our salary.” I don’t get anything from school. Papers sent but DG not holding papers. Confirming the truth of the incident, Mehdi Hasan, another teacher who joined the electrical trade, said, “How can I provide services for free money?” I have a life too. If the bill was done within one or two months of recruitment, this problem would not have arisen. He also said that it is written that 10% will be given by the institution in the recommendation letter of (NTRCA). When asked whether a part of the income from the institution is given to the newly joined teachers, Md. Alamgir Hossain, the headmaster of the school, said, how much does the school receive in the technical branch? And if they came to school regularly, if they earned 10 taka, they would also get 2 taka according to the rules. In this regard, Secondary Education Officer Badrun Nahar Yasmin said, if the head of the institution informs me in writing, action will be taken against them.


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