Madaripur District Commissioner’s office surveyor accused of raping housewives with lure of compensation bill


Own Correspondent: DC office surveyor Mainul Islam and surveyor Badal of Madaripur district have been accused of repeatedly raping a housewife of Kachikata village of Shibchar upazila by luring her to collect the damages bill. The Divisional Commissioner of Dhaka and the Deputy Commissioner of Madaripur and the Deputy Commissioner of Shariatpur have written complaints against Munsi in various offices. According to the complaint of the victim woman, on Wednesday 25th May at approximately 10 am, she went to Madaripur District Commissioner’s office LA branch on the third floor to discuss the matter related to the acquisition bill. Then LA branch surveyor Mainul told her grandmother Manwara Begum that getting the compensation bill from Madaripur DC office is like the moon in the sky, but suggested that the Deputy Commissioner has a close and trusted person to contact him. Surveyor Mainul gave him the mobile number of Delwar Munsi’s father deceased Rashid Munshi Sang- Mannaf Fakir Kandi Thana Dakshin Padma District Shariatpur adjacent to Naodoba Bazar.

Later when his grandmother Manowara went down to the DC office and spoke to Delwar Munsi on the mobile phone and introduced herself to the Madaripur Judge Court. He asked to go to the third floor. Later Shivchar Bardayali Mouzar LA Case No. 79/2020-2021B, R, S 466 talked to Delwar Munsi about raising the compensation bill of 855 dags of Khatian. Delwar Munshi sent the plaintiff’s grandmother to his house and took her to Mainul’s house He assured to get the compensation bill.Later that evening, Surveyor Mainul came out of the office and talked to Delwar Munsi on the phone and took the plaintiff to his Bharatiya residence near Madaripur Puran Bazar, Mollabari, College Road. When he went to Mainul’s house, he found another surveyor named Badal there. They gave him various assurances about the bill. and at one point he gave the victim a Pepsi cake biscuit to entertain her. After eating this, the victim became unconscious. When she regained consciousness in the morning, she found herself lying on the bed of Mainul’s house. Telling anyone about this will be a disaster.

The next day on May 27, surveyor Mainul and Delwar Munshi ask him to go with them to Dhaka. If he does not agree, Mainul will show the naked video of the victim on his mobile phone and send it to the woman’s husband on a memory card. Threatened. Fearing to save the family, the woman came to Dhaka as they said. Deloar Munshi drove her to Shanir Akhrastha Holding No. 20/8 Dakshin Sheikhdi in Dhaka, which He was taken to a flat belonging to Rafiq Kha on the ground floor of Atrabari police station area. Surveyor Mainul, Surveyor Badal (currently working in Shariatpur DC office) and Delwar Munshi raped him one by one.

The victim said, “They used to rape me by talking about nude videos and compensation bills. Last Friday, July 22, Mainul took me to a residential hotel called Balaka on the 5th floor of 42/2 Samiullah Plaza in Dakshin Jatrabari Shahid Farooq Road area through Delwar Munsi. “I have been subjected to such vile lust by them. I am now mentally broken. I wanted to commit suicide on the night of July 23 last.” When talking to the Madaripur District Commissioner on the phone, he said, “Such a complaint has reached me yesterday, I am investigating the matter and taking action”.


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