Dignity officer in charge of Madukhali LSD is being undermined because of officer in charge Nagarkanda LSD in Faridpur district

Khan Md. Majid : Nagarkanda LSD officer-in-charge Mr. Ali Azahar Madukhali LSD officer-in-charge Mr. ATM Nazmul Haque called good rice rotten rice due to previous enmity and gave various misleading information and propaganda to the public including local administration and journalists.Scattered attempt.Who eats the meat of the crow!
On investigation, it is known that imported rice was sent from Nagarkanda food warehouse to Madhukhali food warehouse on 7/4/2022 under internal movement schedule. .Ali Azahar, the officer-in-charge of the Nagarkanda food warehouse, sent low-quality local rice instead of the imported foreign rice. .When the matter was reported to the Faridpur district food controller, he accompanied the food officer and attended Madukhali LSD to find out the truth of the incident and instructed the warehouse officer to separate and dump the low-quality modified rice. .According to the instructions, the rice was cleared and a letter was sent to the District Food Controller on 11/4/2022. Then under the guidance of the District Food Control Officer, the Officer-in-Charge of Nagarkanda LSD changed some rice. .The Madhukhali Food Warehouse official said that the current incident took place as a result of this.
He also said that due to lack of space in this warehouse, the collection was stopped. .As there is enough free space in Nagarkanda Nagarkanda food warehouse, in view of its demand and for the sake of successful collection, as per the instructions of Faridpur District Food Controller, the movement schedule of 350 metric tons of rice is issued from Madhukhali LSD to Nagarkanda LSDEarlier, 160 MT of rice was sent from Madhukhali to Nagarkanda LSD.At first Nagarkanda LSD officer-in-charge Ali Azahar refused to bring rice and said, I will get quality if I bring imported rice. What is the benefit of this rice? Saying this he demanded money. .He redeemed 100 metric tons of rice and went home without redeeming the remaining 60 metric tons of rice. At the end of the Eid holiday, he came to the warehouse and said that this rice is not good. So I will not take it down.
The food officer told me on the phone that some rice has become cloudy due to the long age of the rice. .You talk to the officer in charge of Nagarkanda LSD and change some moves if necessary. I then told Azahar Saheb, you see and bring down the rice. Keep aside what you don’t like. I will change it. .But Nagarkanda LSD Officer-in-Charge Ali Azahar did not release the rice and without telling me anything, the previous enmity started and demanded money to harass me. .Due to lack of money, some low-quality rice samples were purposefully given to various journalists and local people including administrative officials and gave wrong and misleading information. Spreading heat in the area and spreading fake news on various media and Facebook. .which we see through other mediums including Facebook. I feel that the reputation of the food department, including my honor, has been seriously tarnished.
He also said that following the written application of the officer-in-charge of Nagarkanda LSD, the District Food Controller convened the Upazila Food Controller of Faridpur Sadar and formed a 3-member investigation committee. .On 16/7/2022, the said committee collected the samples of rice sent after investigating the matter on the spot, and gave an opinion that although some of the rice is cloudy due to the old age of the rice, its quality has not deteriorated and the rice can be redeemed. .During the investigation, Nagarkanda LSD officer-in-charge Ali Azahar kept some local extremists in the warehouse. So that the committee cannot do their work properly. .However, they are deliberately spreading misleading, fake, false and fabricated news through various channels without redeeming rice.
Where the food department has achieved the first place in cleanliness in Bangladesh and is being praised from all levels including the honorable Prime Minister, the officer in charge of Nagarkanda LSD is taking revenge to serve his own interestsIncentivized is seriously tarnishing the reputation of the food sector.I strongly condemn it and demand appropriate punishment along with protests.In charge of Madukhali LSD along with the local residents have drawn the attention of Honorable Faridpur District Commissioner, Faridpur District Superintendent of Police and Honorable Faridpur District Food Controller to investigate the above matterofficial officer supervisor manager boss.


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