A village to remember

Md. Mamun Molla:
Rahim’s father is a police officer. He has to be judged in different districts because of his job. He came to Dhaka on that occasion. Rahim was admitted to Dhaka Cantonment School and College due to his long stay in Dhaka. That time was the month of Baisakh. Rahim is a village boy. Open fair of that village Loves to be in nature. But because of his father, staying in the village was no longer his. Rahim is a very open minded person. Rahim never lacked friends as he was honest, sweet-spoken and immensely talented. Everyone was surprised to see his writing. One by one everyone became his friend. A few friends are sitting on the balcony of the school. Suddenly the sky is covered with black clouds. A strong wind blows from the west. A lot of rain and storm in some time. Sometimes the clouds are roaring. Rahim is silent. A friend called Ratan, what happened to my friend? No reply came from Rahim. Ratan asked to put his hand on his body, what happened? Calling you, I pushed you not to answer. What the hell are you thinking? Ratan can you tell me what month it is? May, why? Hey tell me in English or Bengali. Ratan said I can’t say that. Rahim said this Jaishtha month in Bengal. I used to have a lot of fun in the village this month. I remembered that memory. Ratan said that the village is more beautiful and more enjoyable than the city? Why have you never seen the village? What is beautiful in the city? The village is the mother of beauty. And what to say about happiness? It cannot be understood without swallowing there. I will go to your village to visit you? I didn’t go to the village for four years because my father didn’t get leave when my school was off and I didn’t get it when my father got it. You We can take a direction in the village. In what direction? Tell your father to give my father ten days leave because you are in the village with my father go for a walk The school closed for fifteen days during the summer of the senior year. Ratan told his father everything and father was very happy. Rahim’s father was given four days leave. Rahim along with his parents left for the village home with his friend Ratan. Reached home around nine o’clock. It was almost twelve o’clock at night while talking. Everyone goes to their room to sleep. Rahim and Ratan go to sleep in one room. Rahim is late to turn on the bed but not late to sleep. Ratan wakes up again and can’t sleep. It’s almost one o’clock in the night. A bird calls very sweetly. After some time another bird started calling again. But he does not know the name of the bird that is calling with such a sweet voice. Rahim may know. Ratan is sleeping in the morning. Two dove birds sit on the branches of the Jamrul tree near the window and sing sweetly. Hearing that, Ratan woke up. Ratan kept saying to himself that he woke up to the sound of the car all his life, today he woke up to the song of the first bird in his life. True! It is very difficult to portray such a beautiful voice in a story or poem. Rahim goes out for a walk with Ratan in the afternoon. The soulful Bhatiali songs are heard in the voices of sailors on the river. The shepherd leaves the herd of cows on the river and plays the flute. Some of the farmers are cutting paddy and some are sowing jute in the hot sun. As good as it looked Their suffering was more painful than that. Rahim, the truth! As the village is beautiful, the people of the village are as holy. Walking along the river, I saw the sunset. It seemed lost in the river. Evening came. The courtyard of the house is filled with the fragrance of kamini flowers in the southern breeze. Indeed, seeing such nature at night fills the heart even if the stomach is not full. In the last night, the rain came down from the sky. Gradually, a strong storm began to rise. Is it crowded under the mango tree in the morning? Picking mangoes for the first time in life is really a joy. The river is full of canals and rivers in monsoon water. Splashing water all around. Sarcasm adds to the joy of the mind. I don’t want to leave such nature and go to the city. Really like to keep your village in memory. I will love your village all my life.


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