A young Malaysian girl returned to Bangladesh after spending 15 days in love disappointed Monirul


Mohammad Shariful Islam: Malaysian girl came to Bangladesh in August 2017. Later married Monirul of Tangail. Their family time was only 15 days. Then the young woman returned to her country. In those 15 days, Monirul’s family spent more than 80 thousand rupees on him. Monirul’s father, Iman Ali, claimed that the debt is still being incurred and his son’s life has been ruined through this marriage. The house of Monirul Islam (26) is in the Kadernagar Mujib College Mor area of ​​Sakhipur. Recently, when I visited Monirul’s village house, the locals said that Monirul developed a love relationship with Malaysian girl Julija Binte Kamis on Facebook. Later on August 25, 2017, the young woman moved to Sakhipur near Monirul. After that, court marriage is done socially. Suddenly news came from Malaysia that the young woman has a husband and four children. Then the young man went into hiding with the young woman. Later, the young woman returned to her country. The Malaysian young woman Juliza Binte Kamis, who rushed to Sakhipur in Tangail for love, has returned to her previous husband and children. Juliza’s ex-husband Azgar Ali confirmed Juliza’s arrival in Malaysia. Monirul Islam said, “I met Juliza on Facebook. At one point I got involved in a love relationship. Juliza moved in with me after about six months of dating. Later social marriages were taught including court marriages. His visa was valid for 17 days. We were together for 15 days. Monirul is disappointed since Julija went back. He said, ‘Now I am in touch with him as a good friend, not as a wife. I heard that she has a husband and four children. Meanwhile, Monirul’s father Iman Ali claimed that his son’s life was ruined by marrying a young Malaysian woman. He said, ‘The girl may have come to Bangladesh with some purpose. That girl is gone after ruining my son’s life. Now I can’t even get my son married. My son was studying in college at that time. Now he is working as a mason without studying. The son’s future is ruined.


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