Meghna does not meet Tetulia river in Bhola hilsa

Bhola District Correspondent:
During the ongoing monsoon season, the fishermen in the Meghna and Tentulia rivers of Bhola do not find hilsa in their nets. Fishermen are suffering from frustration not getting the desired hilsa in the river. Many have given up going to the river and engaged in other work. Many fishermen have left their boats, nets and trawlers and fled their homes due to the pressure of repaying loan installments of various banks and NGOs.
This information was known by talking to the coastal fishermen of Daulatkhan, Borhanuddin, Tajumuddin, Lalmohan, Charfashan upazila of Bhola.
Nuruddin Majhi, Abbas Majhi, Babul Majhi, fishermen of Swarajganj Fish Ghat of Borhanuddin Baramanika Union said that they manage their family by hunting hilsa in the river. But nowadays they have to go to the river and return empty handed without getting any fish. Although little fish is available, it cannot be sold to pay the oil cost of the trawler and the grocery store.
Lalmohan Nazirpur fish ghat fisherman Shafiq Majhi said, ‘Yesterday night we 6 fishermen went fishing in Tetulia river. I got only 1 Hali Jhatka Hilsa from night till dawn. Only 400 rupees were obtained by selling it at the ghat. It did not increase the oil consumption of the trawler.
Md. Shahin Majhi, a fisherman of Hakimuddin Fish Ghat, said that many fishermen have given up going to the river due to the lack of hilsa as expected in the river for a long time.
He said, ‘Some fishermen have left this profession and are working as day laborers to run their families. Currently, the number of jails has decreased. There is no fish in the river so the fishermen are not able to pay the dues of the association from various NGOs. Many fishermen fled to Dhaka and Chittagong, leaving boats, nets and trawlers under the pressure of paying installments.’
According to Hilsa researchers, about 30% of the amount of Hilsa caught in the nets of fishermen in different rivers of the country is caught from the Meghna and Tentulia rivers in Bhola. There are about 250,000 jails in seven upazilas of Bhola, but the number of officially registered jails is about 150,000.
Senior Fisheries Officer of Bhola Sadar Upazila. Jamal Hossain said that there is a lot of hilsa in the sea this year, but the full season of hilsa will begin in the next Bhadra month. Then the fishermen can hunt the desired hilsa in the river.


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