Rangpur Zilla Parishad Super Market Shop Owners Association press conference

Sharifa Begum Shiuli, Rangpur Correspondent: Rangpur District Shop Owners Association President Altaf Hossain has been temporarily relieved and the leaders of Shop Owners Association have held a press conference. (July 23) General Secretary Rashiduzzaman Bulbul presented a written statement through a press conference at the Zilla Parishad Super Market association’s office room on Saturday afternoon. At this time, he said, I have been running a business for 40 years with 350 small and big shops in Rangpur Super Market. Everyone is aware that some shops on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors are closed, many traders have given up and many have become destitute, slowly now the supermarket is in a good position. Here the association is formed by voting for a term of three years. Who takes care of all problems. He also said that 16 shops were built by the Zilla Parishad on the 2nd floor of our market. Unfortunately the society is not aware of any tenders. Which doesn’t make sense. Later it is known that the president of the association sold the shop under the guise of others, and only issued a notice in the name of the newspaper that people do not read. That too on Friday. We want the shops to be operated in a proper manner through a new tender. He also said in the press conference that the current president is ill, so according to the decision of the meeting, the president has been temporarily suspended. Currently, the current vice-president Anwar Hossain is serving as the acting president. If he is healthy, a decision will be taken again after meeting. Vice President Anwar Hossain, Joynal Abedin, Joint Secretary Nahid Rana Rahi, Rezaul Karim Russell, Organizing Secretary Maqsudar Rahman Mukul, Finance Secretary Humayun Kabir, former President Jewel, Rangpur Metro were present in the press conference. Chamber president Rezaul Islam Milan, former leaders of the association, businessmen and journalists from electronics and print media.


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