Human chain to protect temple in Brahmanbaria

Moynul Bhuiyan, Brahmanbaria Correspondent: It has been alleged that the site of Sri Sri Giridhari Jeor Mandir located in the heart of the Brahmanbaria Municipal area is being encroached upon through forged documents. A human chain was formed in front of the press club on Saturday morning to protect the temple.
Leaders of various orthodox organizations including leaders of District Hindu-Buddhist-Christian Unity Parishad, District Hindu Mahajot, Khatak Dalal Nimurl Committee participated in the manbandhan organized by Sri Sri Giridhari Jioor Mandir Seva Sangh. Apart from that temple, it was alleged that other temples in the district are being occupied.
Vidyut Vaidya, General Secretary of Giridhari Jeor Mandir Seva Sangh, said that 76 percent of the temple is established. A Bhumi Kheko Chakra is trying to take over the temple’s profane property by force through fraud. He cooperated with the District Commissioner to protect the temple from their hands and announced that no one will be allowed to occupy the temple site without a drop of blood.
Advocate Asim Vardhan, general secretary of Brahmanbaria district branch of Ghatak Dalal Nimurl Committee said,
“A class of Bhimikheko terrorists are trying to occupy the temple site by creating fake documents. We want to make it clear that no one will be allowed to occupy the temple or the canal in any way.’
Prabir Chowdhury Ripon, Member Secretary of the District Hindu Mahajot said, ‘Land bandits are trying to grab the Devotar property not only in Medda but also in different places. It’s time to stop them. We do not want to take the law into our own hands. Hopefully the state will take effective measures in this regard.’
Nitish Ranjan Roy, president of Brahmanbaria Sadar Upazila Puja Celebration Parishad, said, ‘Despite having proper documents in the name of the temple, Bhumi Khekora is getting a chance to cheat due to the dishonesty. We demand to stop this activity and stand up for truth and justice.’


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