Electricity supply is running through bamboo poles, there is no electricity when there are clouds in sky


Moniruzzaman Monir Sherpur: In Sherpur’s Jhenaigati upazila, electricity is being supplied to Joratali bamboo huts. As a result, when the clouds gathered in the sky, the power supply was disconnected. As a result, electricity consumers have to bear extreme suffering. It is known that after the Awami League government came to power in the second phase, Jhenaigati upazila started work by announcing to bring 100% electricity. As a result, hundreds of electricity connections were made through Jortali bamboo poles in various rural areas. There are about 13 thousand electricity consumers of PDP in this upazila. Apart from this, there are about 600 irrigation pump connections used in agriculture. Majority of these connections are made through Joratali bamboo poles or trees. Even though it rained a little, the power supply was disconnected. During this time there is no electricity for hours. Sometimes the villagers have to suffer accidents due to disconnection. There are also allegations that some people have died due to electrocution. Meanwhile, in 2021, to avoid these accidents, the government took up the work of installing new cement poles by expanding the shaky bamboo poles and old cement poles. Contractors are also appointed for this purpose. The contractor appointed under the project also started the work on time. But the work is going on slowly. Allegedly there is no progress in the work. The work of expanding the khuti is going on in Khuri. Public suffering has reached its peak. It is known that the Mymensingh Divisional Executive Engineer of the project works under the supervision and guidance of the extension work of these poles. According to the local electricity department, the contractor’s people work according to their wishes due to the work of the project. They have to face a lot of problems. Jhenaigati upazila vice chairman Mofazzal Hossain said that the rural areas of the upazila are supplied with electricity through a weak system. Accidents sometimes occur in this. He said that the work of expanding the power pole is going on slowly. He demanded to speed up the work of expansion of Khuti in public interest. Alhaj Md Mokhleshur Rahman Khan, president of Jhenaigati Sadar Bazar Traders Association, said that due to weak system, the electricity connection had to be disconnected when there was a cloud in the sky. He demanded that the power supply should be done with advanced technology as well as the expansion of the old poles on an urgent basis. When we tried to contact the contractor Jahangir Hossain Jewel on the phone for details, he did not receive the call. Zakir Hossain, the site manager of the contractor, said that the work started in 2021. Completion period till 2024. Already 50 percent of the work has been done. He said that it is not possible to work quickly due to lack of supply of equipment. Jhenaigati Upazila Resident Engineer Rukunuzzaman said that the responsibility of the Mymensingh Divisional Executive Engineer is to oversee the work of these projects. Working under his direction. If we had the responsibility, it would have been possible to work with the importance of the area. Raihan Nabi Khan, Executive Engineer of Mymensingh Project Area, did not answer the phone when we tried to contact him.


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