After ban of 65 days sea-going Bhola fishermen are returning to sea

Bhola District Correspondent: In order to increase the production of marine fish, including the national fish hilsa, the government has imposed a ban on all types of fishing in the sea for 65 days from May 20 to July 23. As the ban expired yesterday night, the fishermen of all the upazilas of Bhola have prepared to go to the sea. Fisheries officials hope that the operation will increase the fish catch manifold from next year.
The fishermen of Bhola had an idle time as the ban remained in place for the past 65 days. Today Saturday (July 23) from midnight they will go to the sea again to hunt fish in full swing. In the meantime, the fishermen have repaired all the work including nets, fishing boats as a preliminary preparation for going to the sea.
It is known that after going to different fish ghats and fish landing centers of different upazilas and thanas of Bhola district and talking to the fishermen, like every year, they have refrained from fishing following the ban. But as usual this time also the influential fishermen have hunted fish freely under the umbrella of political parties and managing the law and order forces. Apart from this, Monir Majhi, a fisherman of Choumuhani Fish Ghat of Tajumuddin Upazila, complained that the incentive rice allotted to the sea-going fishermen was not distributed properly. Now that the expedition is over we are now ready to go down to the sea.
Bholar Borhanuddin Upazila Senior Fisheries Officer. Ali Ahmad says, besides extensive campaign for the awareness of the fishermen and strict enforcement of the law, the incentive rice allocated for the fishermen was delivered to them at the right time. They also hope that the production of fish in the sea will increase in the coming days.
There are 146 thousand registered fishermen in Bhola. Among them, 63 thousand 954 fishermen hunt fish in the sea. However, many fishermen hunt fish in the sea outside of registration.


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