Admission of 9th and 10th class students  lower secondary in Patuakhali, allegation of formation of illegal ad hoc committee


Coastal Representative : Dakshin Bazarghona Alhaj Asmat Ali Lower Secondary School in Morichbunia Union of Patuakhali Sadar Upazila is teaching 9th grade and 10th grade students, there are complaints that electricity bill money is being collected from the young children of the school, 10 taka per person is being taken.Since 2-9-2018, Teacher Jabbar Master has been serving as the Acting Headmaster of the school. After sitting in the chair of the Acting Headmaster, Jabbar Master is teaching in the lower middle school. fee.Mannan Sikder, the parent of the students of the said school, said that the education office arranged a tube well for the students in the school, but even there, for the installation of the tube well, a fee per person was taken from the young children and they still have to pay the electricity bill every month.On the other hand, during the school hours in the said lower secondary school, it can be seen that the students of 9th and 10th classes are being taught. To the question of how the 9th and 10th class students came to a lower secondary school, the answer of the acting headmaster of the school is mysterious.On the other hand, recently, a managing committee has been dramatically formed without informing the founder and the donor of the school and the parents of the students. There is a lot of discussion and criticism between the parents of the school and the local general and the founders who gave the land of the school.Md. Jabbar Master, the member secretary of the managing committee, the acting headmaster of the school said that due to lack of time, Moniruzzaman Titu Mridha has been made a member of the ed hac committee of the school by making a four-member committee, he said that all the conditions of our education policy have been complied with.At that time, he said about taking electricity bills from the students, he told the reporter that not all pay the bill that comes, but some students pay, but the rest do not pay.On the other hand, the teacher of the school and member of the said committee, Md. Abul Hossain Huzur, said that the ed hoc committee has been made secretly. I gave my voter card to the acting headmaster. The head teacher confirmed the truth of the matter to me over the phone.On inquiry, it is found that although the 9th and 10th class students are admitted in the secondary school, they are participating in the SSC examination from “Hajikhali Secondary School”.Regarding the Ed Haq committee formed in the middle of the night, the local people around the school and Alhaj Md. Zakir Sikder, the elder son of the founder of the school, Alhaj Md. Mosharf Hossain Sikder, said that when there is a case in court against the previous committee of the school, how can someone suddenly do something new? The committee was formed by acting teacher Jabbar MasterThis is nothing but abuse of power. Moreover, under the current government, where the government is taking various steps to make reading compulsory for all children, how is this school taking electricity bills from the young children of this school, we demand proper investigation and redressal immediately. doingAbhibabak Hanif Sardar, the father of Atiqur Rahman, another student of the school, said that by forming the committee in the middle of the night, the headmaster can establish a dictatorship in the school and carry out all his bad activities without any disturbance, so he formed the ad hoc committee illegally in the middle of the night.We would like to see the said committee dissolved soon for the welfare of all the students of Atra Vidyalaya, moreover, we demand to take immediate action against it regarding the admission of students of 9th and 10th standard without subscription and rules.


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