Two brothers to provide houses to the landless 127th century donation by land


Staff Reporter, Barura: Chairman of Standard Group, eminent engineer Atiqur Rahman and his brother Standard Group Executive director Tofazzal Ali  donated 127 centuries of land to the Barura Upazila Administration to provide houses to the landless and homeless families of Barura Upazila of Comilla. On the occasion of Honorable Prime Minister Mujib Barsha, they donated this land to build houses through the landless and homeless shelter project. 127th century in Adda Mauza of upazila and Chotulagao Mauza in Bazar for tha VT. He registered the land in the 6th century. In the afternoon of 22 July , Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will inaugurate 26 thousand 390 houses for the landless and homeless families in the third phase on 21 June  with journalists from Barura. Barura Upazila has 77 houses. This information has been confirmed by the recently departed Upazila Assistant Commissioner Bhumi Mir Rasheduzzaman Rashed. Engineer Md. Atiqur Rahman and his brother Tofazzal Ali have conveyed the 127 century land to the upazila administration, according to reliable sources. It is assumed that shelter project houses will be built on this land in stages. This document was executed by commission in Dhaka on 8 July , Monday.


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