Russell’s cancer treatment stopped due to lack of money

Bhola District correspondent: People for people, life for life, can’t people get a little sympathy and friends. That timeless song of Bhupen Hazarika still urges people to stand by people, and teaches them to stand by people.
Kutuba of Borhanuddin Upazila of Bhola Md Russell (28) son of Md Abul Kalam of Ward No. 9 Rasim Uddin Nawa Faraji Bari is suffering from cancer. However, his family did not stop trying to save Russell. The low-income family tried their best to afford Russell’s expensive cancer treatment. He has already spent 8/10 lakhs by borrowing for his treatment. Finally, the expert doctors said that he can recover if treated.
It is known from family sources that 8/9 months ago Russell, the father of 2 children, used to provide bread and sustenance to the family by working as a mason, suddenly one day he felt chest pain, then he rushed to a local hospital for treatment, but after seeing no change in his condition, he was transferred to a well-known hospital in Dhaka. Consult specialist doctors. After the examination of the doctors, a tumor was diagnosed in his lung, after the operation of the tumor, it was found to be cancerous.This helpless family is now destitute
Russell, who is suffering from cancer, cannot be treated, he is seeking the help of the rich people of the country to save him. Address for sending help Family BKash  No. Personal 01988 00 24 51


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