Road condition within two months of renovation

Khan Md. Majid:
The road next to the bridge collapsed again in Sasha area of ​​Laskardia Union of Nagarkanda Upazila of Faridpur. After two months of renovation, 70 meters there have fallen into disrepair. .Various vehicles including buses, trucks, Mahindra are moving with risk.
It has been found that the bridge is located on the Talma-Joy Bangla regional road, which has a width of 18 meters. .It joins the Dhaka-Khulna highway at Jai Bangla junction from Talmar intersection of Dhaka-Barisal highway through Nagarkanda upazila Sadar. You can travel to various areas of South Bengal including Muksudpur Upazila of Gopalganj through this road.
.According to local sources, in July 2021, a large part of the road on the east side of Sasha Bridge will be laid. The road department repaired the road at that time and kept the road open. Then that part of the road collapsed again last February.
.In May, that part of the road was renovated with brick surki and soil. A 50 meter section of the bridge is embanked with cement blocks. In the first week of this month, the east side of the road will again be given a length of 70 meters and a width of eight meters. .This increases the risk of traffic accidents.
Imran Farhan, executive engineer of Faridpur road department, said that this problem has arisen due to the digging of the canal next to Shasha bridge and heavy rains last year. Temporary renovation work was done on that road. .A permanent solution will be taken by contacting the higher authorities in this regard.


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