Child is on way to get back mentally unbalanced mother

Khan Md. Majid : The child is wandering around to get back the mentally unbalanced mother.
He was seen looking for his unbalanced mother at the intersection of Janata Bank in Faridpur city.
Md. Rabiul, the child who lost his mother, said, “My mother’s name is Mosa: Momena Khatun (55). Our house is in Sajiara village of Keshabpur upazila of Jessore. My mother visited her granddaughter Sonia’s house in Magura town. .After staying for two days on June 20 around 12 noon Magura left Md. Azgar Ali’s house in front of the jail without informing anyone. After much searching, nothing was found. .In this incident, a General Diary (GD) with number 1286 was made at Magura police station on June 22.
Rabiul said, I came to know that mother is roaming around in Faridpur city. I came to Faridpur in search of him. Today I am spending the night in the balcony of the mosque, madrasa after eating one meal for five days. .We are three brothers. We have no one else in the world to call our own except mother. My mother is sick and mentally unstable.
He said, if any kindhearted person can find my mother, I will gladly pay him 5000 taka. .My mother can name her three children, Md. Rafiqul, Shafiqul, Rabiul. Mother always puts clothes on her head.


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