Borhanuddin in 186 landless families got new houses 

Bhola District correspondent : Borhanuddin got semi-furnished houses 186 families of with land under Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s gift shelter scheme.
On the morning of 21st July (Thursday), Member of Parliament for Bhola-2 Ali Azam Mukul handed over the necessary documents of those houses to the beneficiaries. The landless and homeless families became emotional after getting a house.
Upazila Executive Officer Md. Saifur Rahman said that in Borhanuddin Upazila, 14 houses were constructed in Chagla Mauza of Kutuba Union, 14 in Padmamansa of Kachia Union, and 16 houses were constructed in Chagla in the 2nd phase.
In the first phase of the 3rd phase, 21 houses were constructed in Padma Mansa village, 6 in Chagla and 15 in Chargazipur Mauza of Sachara Union and in the 2nd phase 6 houses were constructed in Chargazipur, 40 in Dalalpur Mauza of Tabgi Union and 54 in Chagla. Out of which 186 houses have been handed over to the beneficiaries today.
Ruby, a third-sex woman who has been sheltered in a house gifted by the Prime Minister in the Chagla Mouja shelter project of Qutuba Union of the upazila, said, “No one wants to rent us a house. The people of the society look at us differently.
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has given me a headache. We are grateful to him. Narayan Chandra Dey, Samita Rani Dey, Alamgir, Halima Begum, Kiran Bala, Anisur Rahman of Tobgir Dalalpur Asharyan, Sathizon of the same shelter said, they never thought that they would have an address like Matha Gonza. Today we poor families live in the houses given by the Prime Minister. We have no problem. I was in a lot of trouble before. We pray for Sheikh Hasina. The Prime Minister has made a beautiful house in Amagore without any money.
Ali Azam Mukur, Member of Parliament of Bhola-2 Constituency, Upazila Chairman Abul Kalam, Upazila Executive Officer Md Saifur Rahman, A-League President Jasim Uddin Haider and others spoke at the break meeting held under the chairmanship of Upazila Executive Officer Md Saifur Rahman .


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