Attack on wife’s house for non-payment of dowry

Khan Md. Majid : Allegations of beating, vandalism and looting of wife, mother-in-law and wife’s sisters have been reported in Banga of Faridpur due to non-payment of dowry. .At that time, the 82-year-old widow of a freedom fighter who was staying in that house was also injured by being dragged by her hair.
Last Friday (July 15) the attack was carried out at the house of Marjana Begum in Kapuria Sadardi village of Bhanga Paur area.
Four days have passed since a written complaint was lodged at the police station, but no case has been filed till Tuesday (July 19).
The victims alleged that the attackers were being neglected to take up the case as they were influential. However, the police say that the matter of the case is under process.
On the other hand, the husband accused in the attack alleged that the in-laws had called him and injured him instead of killing him in a planned manner. He also complained to the police in this incident.
In this regard, Bhanga Police Station Officer-in-Charge and Inspector (Investigation) Md. Abu Taher said that a written complaint has been made to the police station after this incident. The police went to the spot and investigated the matter. The matter of the case is under process.


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