If you have a bribe in Manikganj regional passport office, suffer from power speed

 District Correspondent Manikganj:
A broker cycle has been developed in Manikganj regional passport office with hand-in-handed employees. If you have a bribe, it is done in the power speed, and if you do not give the extreme suffering, the passport emissions. But the passport officials demanded, there is no broker cycle in the office.

Meanwhile, the common people coming to passport suffering from the brokers and dishonest employees are being suffering from violence. Passport does not match without additional money. On the one hand, the broker cycle of trade and the other side of the passport office, the passport hopes for the sake of the employee’s opinion, the passport hopes. The brokers say they meet the form of some non-committed people and get some meaning in exchange. Some officials of the passport office took an extra money.
And the victims of the victims are taking extra money from them by the brokers, the dishonest officials.
The compulsor of multiple services, almonds, submitted the form through the brokers, that form can be easily submitted. If the brokers did not take refuge, the passport office officials harassed. They use signals in the passport form. Besides, some of the Ansar members working there are also associated with corruption. Through them, the officials and employees of the passport office officials get the share of extra money.
Anis said to pass passengers, I was in a long time. Come to the country in the holidays five months ago. I was about to be released in the passport office for almost four and four months to renew my passport. Answer to me, 4,000 killed, asked the number of rooms to meet 6. If contacted in the number 6, he officials and 4,000 taka claimed. Give money to give money. I do not give money, I am being harassed. There is no passport except for this office broker.
Ranique, Janah village of Soturia upazila, said that my name was just wrong. To do the name of 35 thousand rupees, the computer’s shopkeeper’s computer shopkeeper. If you last twenty thousand rupees, my name will fix my name, Shalajahan will fix it.
Another woman coming to passport is released to reveal the name, I have been going long for a long time. Today I came out with the officer. Let me passport in the week a week. What is the passport without money or is the passport. Many of the money. How much do I can not say.
It is seen in the house, during the office, the police will be quite a lot of brokers. Secret conversations of the brokers with the Ansar members of the gate. About the 200 meters of the broader front of the passport office. Many brokers have placed different types of shops in front of the passport office. The services of the service are gone after the bottom of the brokers before entering the office.
Nahid Newza assistant director Nazid New, said that the money has asked for extra money. He gave him a written complaint. If you have written a complaint, the appropriate action will be taken.


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