Attempted suicide by pouring petrol on a gold trader in front of Deputy Commissioner’s office

Khan Md. Majid Faridpur District Correspondent: A disabled gold trader tried to commit suicide by pouring petrol on himself in front of Faridpur District Commissioner’s office. At that time, a note was found in the gold merchant’s pocket. The recovered letter is an open letter to Faridpur District Awami League President, General Secretary and Municipal Mayor. According to eyewitnesses and local sources, a colorful rally was taken out in front of the Deputy Commissioner’s office on the occasion of the tree fair around noon. Just before that, gold trader Gaurang Karmakar tried to commit suicide by pouring petrol on his body near the main gate of the Deputy Commissioner’s office. Later, he was rescued and admitted to Faridpur Sadar Hospital with the help of students of various schools and local people present in the rally. According to the recovered documents, gold merchant Gaurang Karmakar and his other disabled brother are the owners of an establishment called Nayan Jewelers in Niltuli of the city. Two disabled brothers have been trading gold for 25 years. However, as he could not manage the business by arranging gold in that company, he was doing business by stockpiling it. When the effects of the global epidemic corona appeared, they decided to sell gold and deposit money in the bank due to the fear of death. After learning about this incident, Ayan Karmakar Suman and his father Sudhir Karmakar, the owner of Purna Jewellers, took a total of 240 24 carats of gold weighing 24 carats. After giving this gold, when Ayan and his father Sudhir tried to ask for money, the two disabled gold traders started to beg for money without giving any money or gold. At one point, they promised to return the gold if Sudhir Karmakar’s son got married to Gauranga Karmakar’s granddaughter. Shortly after that, Sudhir Karmakar died on December 20, 2020. However, his son Ayan Karmakar kept threatening the two disabled gold traders without giving the gold or money. After this incident, Gauranga Karmakar served a legal notice to Ayan Karmakar in accordance with the law. Enraged by this, Ayan Karmakar called Gaurang to his house on May 25, abused him in inaudible language and threatened to burn him with acid and forced him to sign various documents. After that, the gold trader went to the door of many people in the hope of justice but did not get justice and chose to commit suicide in front of Faridpur District Commissioner’s office. Meanwhile, gold trader Ayan Karmakar went to Sumon’s establishment to find out the truth of the incident, but that establishment was found closed. Tried to contact on mobile but could not be found. In this regard, Faridpur Additional Superintendent of Police (Sadar Circle) Suman Ranjan Sarkar said that no written or verbal complaint has been received in this regard. But I heard the incident. We are also trying to trace the person who attempted suicide.


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