A businessman was killed by a covered van on road while taking an invitation

Comilla South District Correspondent: A businessman was killed by a covered van on the road while visiting his relatives with his family members on CNG.
The accident took place in front of Upazila Uorda Union Parishad at Laksam Chandana Bazar on Comilla-Noakhali Regional Highway on Tuesday around 1 pm.
Deceased Abu Yusuf Javed (37) is a businessman. He is the son of Maulana Habibur Rahman of Bara Bari, Khila Union, Manoharganj Upazila, Comilla and is a cousin of Farooq, the current member of Khila No. 1 Ward.
According to the police and locals, Abu Yusuf Jabed was going to Nangalkot relative’s house with 4/5 members of his family by CNG from Khila Bazaar of Manoharganj Upazila.
At Laksam Chandana Bazar on Comilla-Noakhali Regional Highway, the members got off the CNG. Abu Yusuf Javed was standing next to the CNG and talking to the driver. Abu Yusuf Javed died on the spot when the CNG of the covered van from Noakhali hit the back.
Police members of Laksam Highway Police Station went to the spot to get the information, while SI Jasim Uddin said that the covered van overturned the CNGT, killing one passenger. Covered van car has been seized in this incident.
Laxam Highway Police Station OC Qayyum Chowdhury said that a CNG passenger was killed in front of Chandana Bazar and Uorda Union Parishad on the Comilla-Noakhali road in the afternoon after being hit by a Carvervan. Police SI Jasim Uddin is at the scene of the incident and can get details by contacting him.


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