Srimangal road blocked


Mashahid Ahmad, Moulvibazar : Due to the East Shakratar in Tikaria Village of Ashidron Union No. 6 in Srimangal. Opponents Manmohan Debnath, Rajan Debnath and Rajeev Debnath Ganga have been accused of obstructing traffic to enter the house illegally. The victim Manju Debnath said that there is a land dispute with Rajiv Debnath Gang. Local dignitaries tried to resolve the matter but it was not possible. A case is ongoing in Moulvibazar learned Assistant Judge Court (464/2021, (Property). Even though there is a road to enter the house, we are trying to maintain the Shanti Shringala by creating a Rastha in our own property. But, the opponent is destroying the Shanti Shringala in the area. They have cut off our road. We can’t leave our house. They are threatening to kill us and our families for creating a barrier. We are now insecure because of their fear. Any time our lives and property may be damaged. If you want to know about this, Sujan Debnath, Rajel Debnath and local people said that the case is ongoing in the learned court for the claim of land distribution between the plaintiffs and the defendants. The matter is not being resolved due to the negligence of some local people. Basically, according to Maurisi, the owner of the said land is deceased: Mahesh Chandra Debnath and deceased: Mathur Chandra Debnath. The victim is Manju. Since the death of Debnath’s father, Mahesh Chandra Debnath, Rajiv Debnath Ganga tried to encroach on various lands.When asked about this, he contacted Jahar Vardhan, Chairman of Ashidron Union No. 6, several times. He was not found despite trying to.


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