Patuakhali Dumki  in risk driver is prison with stamp of Achal!


Patuakhali Correspondent: Due to a land dispute in Dumki of Patuakhali, in a case organized by the litigant’s younger brother, Rafiqul Islam Khan, the poor Risca driver’s elder brother, has to spend 10 days in jail. In the false case of borrowing 3 lakh rupees with a non-judicial stamp of 300 rupees in Gramya Salish, the arrest of old Rafiq Khan and the unjust harassment of the helpless family have been raised. Mosa, daughter of riska driver Rafiq Khan, who is in jail. Rima Akhter made these allegations in a crowded press conference organized at press club Dumki’s hall at 4 pm on Monday. In a written statement, Rima Akhter complained that there is a previous dispute over the land of his father Rafiq Khan with Ruhul Amin Khan, the younger son of deceased Sultan Khar, a resident of Ward No. 3 of Srirampur Union under Dumki Upazila of the district. 4 years ago, the signature of his father Rafiq Khan was taken on the first side in 3 non-judicial stamps of 100 taka (cash 9507312, 9507313, 9507314) in the arbitration meeting of local dignitaries to settle the dispute of ancestral inheritance property. 2nd party Ruhul Amin and 6 heirs were to be signed on the same stamp. But after Ruhul Amin’s signature, the arbitration meeting was postponed as no one else signed. The stamps signed by the two were kept in the custody of Abdul Halim Khan, a lecturer at Dumki Janata College and a close relative of Shalis present. Litigator Ruhul Amin Khan seized that stamp and created a promise to borrow 3 lakh taka and secretly filed a false case against my father in Patuakhali Judicial Magistrate Court. Case No. 116/22. The notice of the case is also kept secret. Hearing the news of the case from people, my innocent father was sent to jail when he went to appear on July 6. Meanwhile, the only earner of the poor family of 6 members, the rickshaw driver father is in jail, we are suffering from extreme insecurity in a kind of fasting. Opposing litigant Ruhul Amin Khan is threatening huge damages including defamation to any of my 5 sisters including my old mother. We are living in extreme insecurity. Actually, my father did not take any money from Ruhul Amin, the plaintiff in the case. Apparently, there is no source that he can lend 3 lakhs to anyone? which the locals know very well. My father was implicated in a false case with the connivance of the so-called Salish Halim Khan. We want justice for those involved in such malpractice – immediate intervention of local administration and concerned authorities to recover the white stamp taken in the name of Achal.


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