Baghair fish was caught fishing net in Padma


Kabir Hossain, Rajbari: A huge baghair fish was caught in the fishing net in Padma. The weight of the fish is 24 kg 700 grams, the fish was sold for 29 thousand 640 taka. The huge Baghair fish was caught in the net of fisherman Zainal Haldar at Daulatdia in Padma river near ferry no. 7 on Monday 18th July. In Daulatdia market in the morning, Rawson Molla’s catch of fish was brought by Shajahan, a local fish merchant, who bought the fish at the rate of 1100 taka per kg for a total of 27 thousand 170 taka. At that time, people gathered to catch a glimpse of the huge Baghair fish.
Later, the fish merchant Shajahan sold the fish to a trader in Dhaka for a total of 29 thousand 640 taka at the rate of 1200 taka per kg for a profit of 100 taka.
Upazila Assistant Fishery Worker Md. Rezaul Sharif said, sometimes such big fish are caught in the fishermen’s nets in the Padma river. The huge Baghair fish is being caught in Daulatdia fishing nets. Such big fish of Padma are very tasty to eat.


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