Md. Mamun Molla:
Ichpriya is the daughter of Kamalapur railway station, it would not be wrong to say that. Because from the time he learned to understand, he saw himself living under the shadow of the train station. Who are the parents? He can’t say anything he’s ever seen. Who is his mother? Who is his father? That question eats him up? Six year old little girl. Many have asked this question. Who is his mother? Who is his father? No one could answer his question. That question is hidden in itself. Walking alone is really hard. Little girl, she can’t do anything.
His day goes by with whatever he can get his hands on. But night does not go easily. Because there is no one beside her to say her own. It is not possible to explain in writing how much risk it is to fall asleep on the side of the road. In this way it continues for a long time. When
He is twelve years old. Then some gentleman says to people when they are thin, it doesn’t look bad, but why do this? Ichpriya want to say, why do this? But they throw away the question but do not have time to answer the question. It is very difficult for me to bear the burden of so many words in my mind one day. Decided not to stay this way anymore. Path will build a new life with children. Go there and see a different world. During the day, the boys pick up the bottles and drive the carts. Some work for a few days but in that sense the stomach does not move. What to do? No owner gives way to children work. Being forced to stomach
At night he commits heinous acts like robbery or murder. What else will the girls do? What else do they have to do but pick up their bottles? What is the stomach. Crossing the heel of the bus at night or spending the night with the drivers brings in a lot of money. With that money he runs his stomach. Again the boys of the group also have to spend the night. If not, he is expelled from the team again. Seeing all this, Ichpriya is a hundred times better than begging in her mind. Ichpriya is one of those who think this
Not even at the moment. Ichpriya came again and stood on the road and started begging. Ichpriya caught the eye of a gentleman. He said this girl
What’s your name Yes Sir Ichpriya.
Will Ichpriya give you a job at my house? Yes sir what job? Seeing and listening to my mother and cooking. I will pay six thousand rupees excluding food. Yes, sir. Ichpriya went to the gentleman’s house and has been working well for some time. Ichpriya wants salary from the end of the first month. Gentleman, I will tell you, don’t worry about money. In this way six months go by. One day the gentleman’s mother went to the doctor. The two gentlemen offer love to Ichpriya. Ichpriya is very worried. Does Sujak come again and again in life? What to do? At one point agreed. The gentleman uses love as a shield and talks about marriage and stays in intercourse for a long time. When the child comes in her womb. Then the boy’s mother told him everything. The mother is angry to tell her son everything. The boy calls Ichpriya a lying prostitute He did not stop cursing. He was dragged from the room to the gate and chased away empty handed Gives.
Ichpriya realized that day, who is his mother? Who is his father? What is his identity?
Written 26-5-202


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