Construction of boundary wall blocking school road in Pobar Bhugaril

Staff Correspondent:
A boundary wall has been constructed at the entrance of Bhugaril Government Primary School in Nowhata Municipality of Paba Upazila of Rajshahi District. Due to this, the young students of the school along with the teachers could not enter the school. A permanent boundary wall has been constructed with brick masonry throughout the entire area from the front gate of the school.
On Sunday, Paba Upazila Assistant Commissioner (Land) Abhijit Sarkar, Rajshahi Divisional Deputy Director Abul Kalam Azad, Paba Upazila Education Officer Rafiqul Islam, local Awami League leader Zainal Abedin, Nowhata Municipal Councilor Abu Safian and others visited the spot.
This morning when we went to Sarzamin, we saw 15-20 students along with some teachers sitting in front of the school and they were waiting to enter the classroom but they could not enter because of the boundary wall. There is tension between the land owner and the school.
In this situation, when I spoke to the head teacher of the school, Jannatun Nesa, he said, like the rest of the country, our school is also given Eid holiday. But when the Eid holiday ends today, we come to see that a permanent boundary wall has been constructed in front of our school with brick blocks.
Due to the construction of this boundary wall, we cannot enter the classroom. In such a situation, we school authorities are worried about what will happen to us in the future or how we will get back the road to our school. On behalf of the school, we have informed the senior officials of Paba Upazila about this.
According to local sources, this border wall was built under the leadership of Abdul Jabbar’s son Palash. In fact, the road to the school is over Palash land. Taking advantage of the Eid holiday, the road was closed and the boundary wall was constructed.
Zainal Abedin, the owner of the adjacent land, said, I have put a wall on my ancestral property. The wall was given my name at the same time. My land has nothing to do with the school here. The wall was given in the space that I had on the side.
Paba Upazila Primary Assistant Teachers Association President Harun Or Rashid said that blocking the school road and building a boundary wall is completely illegal and illegal. I demand proper investigation and fair trial of those involved in this work and hope for a positive solution to this problem very soon.
Paba Upazila Assistant Commissioner (Land) Abhijit Sarkar said, I myself visited the school on the ground. I am looking into what are the main problems here. I am working with both parties to come up with an amicable solution. I hope this problem will be solved properly and the teachers and students will be able to have classes in the classroom as before.
In this regard Zainal Abedin said that children will be given the road for the time being. Children can go to class from today. Besides, a meeting will be held with the higher authorities to resolve the issue. He expressed hope that there will be a beautiful and solvable solution considering all aspects in the meeting.


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