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Moynul Bhuiyan: Brahmanbaria Fruit Paradise, Bijoynagor. There is no known or common fruit here? The list of answers to such questions will be quite short. Any type of domestic, foreign The soil of Bijoynagora is very suitable for fruits. Very suitable for fruits here Many compare soil to gold. The map says that Bijoynagor is an upazila bordering India. Brahmanbaria This upazila is located at the eastern end of the district. From district town to upazila headquarters The distance is about 35 km. As there is no direct rail connection, only road and waterway The main transport system from the district to this upazila. According to the estimates received from the concerned, this upazila has half a hundred every year Various fruits worth crores of rupees are produced. The result will be half a hundred in number. of produced fruits In addition to domestic varieties such as litchi, jackfruit, mango, jam, malta, orange, etc. Varieties include apple, grape, dragon. Most of these fruits are now being cultivated commercially. ‘Nyadaman’ pendant in this kingdom of fruits. Latkon is being cultivated commercially in this upazila. This year latkon has been cultivated in about 18 hectares of land. Ripening latkon Farmers are also selling. The wholesale price of latcon is 70 to 80 taka per kg. this year There is a possibility of selling latkons worth crores of rupees. The yield is good because the latkon Interest in farming is increasing among farmers. The officials of the agriculture office are active. Latkan has many nutritional and medicinal properties. This fruit is rich in vitamin-C, which Can be kept in the daily food list. There are 100 grams of ripe latcon Dietary energy is 91 kcal, which is almost twice that of jackfruit. Besides non-vegetarian 1.42 g, fat 0.45 g, vitamin-C 55 mg, vitamin-B 1-10. 04 mg, contains vitamin-B2-0. Scientific name of latcon Baccariaspadia. In English, latkon is called Burmese grape. In Bangladesh Latkon is known by different names depending on the area. such as bony fissures, bhubi, kanaizu, Lotka, Lotkau, Lotka etc. Narsingdi produces the most latcon. This year, nine upazilas of the district have a total of about 850 hectares of jackfruit More than half in Bijoynagor upazila. More than 10 crores of jackfruit will be sold In this upazila. This year litchi produced here has been sold for more than 15 crore rupees You can get an idea by talking to those concerned. In total 414 hectares of land Litchi is cultivated. They rushed to the upazila’s Auliya market to buy seasonal fruits litchi, jackfruit, mango Buyers from multiple surrounding districts. Auliya market for about two weeks Litchi buyers and sellers are active from dawn till 8-9 pm. Some parts of Bijoynagor are hilly areas. One such area is Paharpur. Upazila Out of the 18 hectares of latkon, Paharpuri has about 10 hectares of latkon Cultivated. Vangachura has to go to Paharpur via Akhaura bypass road Because of the road. Fruit plantations while going to surrounding areas including that union The magnitude is visible. Rows of jackfruit trees on both sides of various roads The scene is like a new acquaintance in nature. Someone is taking jackfruit from the tree Someone has taken it down and put it in a stack. To wholesale buyers and retailers Pick up vans and rickshaws are seen carrying jackfruit. Also different When you go to the garden, you can see the medium-sized green fruit, which is a couple of months old Will mature later. Tofazzal Hossain, a latcon farmer of Bamutia village, right next to the Indian border To go to the garden, you have to keep the motorcycle a few hundred yards away. Walk the mountain path Bahari fruit garden of Tofajzel Hossain. Malta, latkon, orange, some varieties of mango And lychee, jackfruit, latkon, dragon, Saudi date, papaya – what is tofazzal? Hussain’s garden. He holds the world’s most expensive mango ‘Miyazaki’ in his garden. Miyazaki is known as Sundim Mango in Bangladesh. Tofazzal Hossain told this reporter, ‘Latkon cultivation is very easy. The latkon tree grows even in carelessness. However, the time to plant the seedlings of latcon is the place You have to choose according to the rules. Water resistant and shaded area for hanging appropriate.’ Farmer Abdul Hasim Farmer of Sejamura village. At seven in the morning water is seen He is cutting drains to prevent movement. Abdul is right next to his house Eye-catching scene in Hasim’s hanging garden. Aga from the base on several trees The pendant is still holding. Abdul Hasim said, ‘There are 100 trees in my garden. So far 15-20 thousand I sold money pendants. The wholesalers come and take away the pendants. Dhaka, Besides Chittagong, wholesalers of local markets are in Bagan Come to get the pendant.’ He said that some litchi trees in his garden were damaged. Buy litchi beforehand Lychee plants die when wholesalers give chemicals to the trees in the hope of good yield. Now I am planning to install a pendant in that place too.’ The Deputy Assistant Agriculture Officer in charge of Paharpur Union said. With Ashraful Alam. He told this reporter, ‘Because of the quality of the soil Bijoynagor has good yield of all kinds of fruits. For the past few years, growers have been enjoying the fruit Leaning towards latcon. This year too there has been a good yield of latkon. In Paharpur Union Lotcon has been cultivated on 10 hectares of land. From at least two per hectare Two and a half latcon seedlings can be planted. 80 to 100 kg in each whole tree Pendants are available. We encourage farmers to cultivate latkon due to good yield with less care Working to increase interest. One each in the shade of another tree in Pratykya’s house However, I am giving suggestions for planting latcon seedlings.’ Another Deputy Assistant Agriculture Officer. Hadiul Islam Srijan said, ‘For the fruit Fertile land Vijaynagar upazila. All kinds of local and foreign fruits are here being produced commercially. All kinds of cooperation from agriculture office done to the farmers.’


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