Rakab, Rajshahi Zone Branch Managers Business Status Review and Performance Appraisal Meeting-2022 Held


Online desk: On 16th July 2022 at 10:00 AM Rajshahi Agricultural Development Bank (RAQAB), Rajshahi Zone Branch Managers Performance Appraisal Meeting was held at RAQAB Training Institute Rajshahi. Rakab, Rajshahi zone zonal manager Sheikh Md. Rezaul Islam presided over this performance evaluation meeting, the bank’s managing director Md. Abdul Mannan was present as the chief guest. Rakab Rajshahi Division General Manager Md Zainal Abedin and Head Office Loan and Advance Division-1 Deputy General Manager Shaukat Shahidul Islam were present as special guests. Md. Mizanur Rahman, Deputy General Manager of Head Office General Services Department was also present at the event; Zonal Audit Officer Nahid Afsan; Branch managers of 26 branches of Rakab and Rajshahi zone and related officers and employees. The chief guest of the program, Md. Abdul Mannan, Managing Director of the Bank instructed the two branches of the loss zone to work hard to make them profitable by adopting a proper action plan and quickly implementing it and at the same time he asked all the branch managers to collect low interest deposits, collect classified and potentially classified loans, quality In addition to disbursing quality loans and increasing mobile app downloads and non-funded income, he advised to be more sincere in improving the quality of customer service. He urged everyone to work tirelessly to move the bank forward by conducting all its activities with honesty, integrity and dedication and to make Rakab a digital and model bank in the future.


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