Partha Sarathi Biswas is involved in trade of rehabilitation plots of Padma Bridge victims

Own representative: Jajira end of Padma bridge rehabilitation site, Naodoba Padma multi-purpose bridge project, Bangladesh Bridge Authority (RS-4) has received allegations of sale of plots allotted subject to no-sale agreement.
Local influencers, brokers and dishonest officers and employees of the bridge department are continuing these misdeeds by tempting the unsuspecting and simple people. Through irregularities and corruption, the number of plots sold in Padma Multipurpose Bridge Project Naodoba Rehabilitation Site (RS-4) is said to be more than hundred.
To make the dream of Padma Bridge a reality today, the housing and land of 3 thousand 11 families have been acquired. For them, a total of seven rehabilitation sites have been constructed at Kumarbhog and Yashaldia areas of Lauhjung, Jazira’s Naodoba and Shivchar’s Bakrerkandi in Madaripur, six of which have been allotted plots to the victims. Another is housing foreign engineers involved in bridge work.
These rehabilitation centers are arranged like the developed residential areas of the capital. Starting from medical centers to educational institutions, beautiful mosques, markets, there are various greedy people with such modern facilities. Basically, they are the unscrupulous officials of the bridge authority through the brokers, baiting the simple people and allocating under the non-judicial stamp agreement. Buying and selling plots. Locals said that an engineer named Partha of the bridge authority and an employee named Dulal working under him are doing these misdeeds.
Some of the notable plots sold in the rehabilitation site by local search (RS-4) are given below, Plot No-210 Badshah Sheikh, 211 Siraj Bayati, 319 Shaukat Bepari, 331 Dulal Bepari, 332 Milan Bepari, 333 Ratan Bepari, 350 Atahar. .
However, the government has entered into a conditional non-sale agreement with the plot allotted to these rehabilitation centers. The bridge authority of the government has the power to cancel the allotment of the plot at any time if it feels that any plot taker has violated the terms and conditions of the undertaking.
The rehabilitation plot obtained by a local victim named Badsha Sheikh in the Naodoba (RS4) rehabilitation project was bought by an influential person named Lal Mia Chakdar by forcefully signing the non-judicial stamp and showing the price of Tk 22 lakh. . To understand the plot, Lal Mia Chokdar’s men vandalized the motorcycles of Badshah Sheikh’s brother and brother’s son.
When speaking on the phone about this matter, bridge authority engineer Partha Sarthi Biswas said, “I do not know anything about these purchases and sales. If I get the information about the purchase and sale, then measures will be taken to cancel the allotment of the plots by sending a written complaint to the PD of the bridge authority.”


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