Housewife jumped from 7th floor in Rajbari death ! Murder complaint at police station


Staff Reporter, Rajbari: Lucky Akhter ( 25 ) , a mother of two children , died after falling from the 7th floor of Binodpur Rasa Chowdhury Tower in Rajbari district town . She is the wife of former Zilla Parishad member Rashedul Haque Ami .

Ismat Ara , mother of deceased Lucky Akhter , claimed that her daughter was killed in a planned manner and thrown from the building . In this incident , the victim, Lucky Akhtar , filed a written complaint at the Rajbari Sadar police station . On the other hand, Aamir ‘s relatives claimed that he committed suicide by jumping from the 7th floor due to a family dispute .

On Friday at 11:20 PM , his brother Babu took him to Rajbari Sadar Hospital . Later from there he was sent to Faridpur Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical College Hospital . He died in Faridpur Hospital .

Ismat Ara Begum , the mother of deceased Lucky Akter , complained that Ami got married to Lucky 10 years ago . Since marriage , the girl’s husband Ami Chowdhury was addicted to drugs and prostitutes and was torturing her . He often returned home drunk late at night and demanded dowry and tortured her physically and mentally . This is settled by the family at different times .

He further said that at around 10 pm on Friday night , Parkya was addicted to love and threw Lucky down from the 7th floor without grill of Binodpur Rasha Tower Khorshed Plaza building with the intention of beating and killing him on the demand of dowry . They are making various pretexts to cover up the murder . _ _ I filed a statement at Rajbari Sadar police station .

He said , my daughter was talking to me on mobile even on Friday night . I am torturing my daughter for talking to me and I can hear it through mobile . _

To find out about this, I went to Rasha Tower on Saturday afternoon and found that the stairs were completely empty. One can jump and fall down . A heart attack can happen at any time .

Rashedul Haque Chowdhury Ami ‘s uncle Liaqat Ali Chowdhury and aunt Manju Chowdhury said that Ami lives on the 5th floor with his wife and children . Family quarrels are frequent .

They also had a fight on Friday night . Later Rege comes out of the room . After some time , I heard a scream under the building and saw Lucky jumping down on the road . Later he was rescued and taken to Rajbari Sadar Hospital . From there he was taken to Faridpur Hospital where the doctor on duty declared him dead . However , no murders occurred . He claimed it was suicide .

In this regard , Rajbari Sadar police station officer -in-charge Mohammad Shahadat Hossain said that legal action will be taken to investigate the complaint .


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