Sakhipur in Hussain Ershad’s 3rd death anniversary was celebrated alternately


Sakhipur (Tangail) Correspondent: In Sakhipur, Tangail, Jatiya Party’s founding chairman and former army chief, the late President Hussain Mohammad Ershad, celebrated the 3rd death anniversary of the two groups . For the last two days, there was tension between the two groups over the observance of this day in Sakhipur. Even today (Thursday) morning the two groups were in a deadly position. Sakhipur police OC said last night. Rezaul Karim had decided that the new committee would hold a function at 11 am. The old committee will hold a ceremony at 2 pm. But Masud Rana, general secretary of the old committee and Sakhipur correspondent of Jugantar Patrika, has been occupying the post bungalow with a number of leaders and workers since 8 am. After that at 9 o’clock the people of the convener of the new convening committee AH Chhamad Sikder came and saw that the people including Masud were sitting in the post bungalow. Later, when I called Sakhipur police station, some officers from the police station came and took Masudgang out of the post bungalow. After that Masud Gangra went to their party office and gathered. Kazi Ashraf Siddiqui, the ex-vice-president of the expelled central committee, came from the office and walked around the road with banners. Ashraf Siddiqui said, “Give me 15 minutes and I will carry out my program here.” He led the prayers in that situation. Rezaul Karim, Masud Rana and others spoke in the presidency of Farman Master. After prayers and speeches, Kazi Ashraf Siddiqui left the place with all the leaders and workers. Municipal Jatiya Party general secretary Alamgir Hossain said Upazila Jatiya Party president Chhamad Sikder was humiliated during the clash. Meanwhile, convener of the new upazila committee AH Chhamad Sikder presided over the function and Nazmul Hasan Reza, organizing secretary of the central student society, presided over the function. At this time leaders and activists from different unions came and listened to the speeches and later the meeting ended with the distribution of Tabarak.


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