Eid-ul-Azha, an overflowing crowd of tourists in Cox’s Bazar

Shohag Arefin: On the fourth day of Eid-ul-Azha, the Cox’s Bazar has seen an overflowing crowd of tourists.
Tourists who have booked hotel rooms during the Eid holidays and a number of new tourists have arrived at the beach.
From noon on Tuesday (July 12), large numbers of tourists can be seen at Kalatali, Sugandha, Seagal and Laboni points on the beach. Their deep association with the sea is observed, from swimming in the sea, to swimming in the tires and swaying with the waves. Not only that, the drivers of beach bikes, horses and jetski are also busy riding the tourists.
Meanwhile, two youths from Munshiganj in Dhaka said, ‘We booked a room at Sugandha Rest House three days ago, Alhamdulillah, we got a room. But we came and realized that there was a lot of crowd.
A couple from Savar, Dhaka, said, “We get up at Hotel Cox Today all the time. Today there is so much pressure that we are asked to get up at another hotel. Then we get up at Palace Paradise.”
Meanwhile, the sea is a bit rough as it is the rainy season. Even then, without keeping that thought in mind, the tourists have gathered in the non-watery hustle and bustle. Many are floating in tires with their throats in the water. Some are swimming on empty bodies. However, the members of Beachkarmi and Sea Safe Lifeguards are keeping a close watch on their safety.


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